All You Need To Know About Vanita Karim Painting

anita Karim Painting
All You Need To Know About Vanita Karim Painting

Whenever it comes to Indian artists and their remarkable paintings, Vinita Karim is one of the most famous names that you get to her. Her artistic creations are not just popular in India. But around the globe too.

And in case if you are looking ahead to know more about Vinita Karim Paintings, then this is the article for you. In this article, I am going to talk about Vinita Karim and her paintings. And from where you can buy them.

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Who is Vinita Karim?

Vinita Karim is an Indian artist who is known for her paintings and sculptures. She was born in Rangoon, Burma, in the year of 1962. Talking about her education, she did her masters of fine Arts in 2017 from the University of Philippines, Philippines. As well as she did a bachelor of science in Economics and Business Administration in 1985 from the University of Stockholm, Sweden. She also holds a diploma in Fine Arts from the Gerlesborg Art Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.

However, Vinita Karim has lived and worked in Asia, The Middle East, and Europe throughout her life. And according to her, her paintings are a lot inspired by her travel and experience. And it consistently links back to her roots in India.

All You Need To Know About Vanita Karim Painting

Also, throughout her career, she did a lot of exhibitions of different countries and In India. Some of the popular ones are the Shridharani Gallery / Gallerie Ganesha, New Delhi, India, which was organized in 2018. Then there is the ArtnSoul Gallery / Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India, which was organized in 2017. And back in 2015, there was an exhibition that happened at the Bengal Art Lounge, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Even today, she continues to organize more and more exhibitions. And you can get all of these details on her website.

Apart from the solo exhibitions, she also did a lot of group exhibitions too. These include India on Canvas event in 2017 and the Kalaghoda Festival of Mumbai. As well as the India Art Fair that happened in New Delhi and the 17th Asian Art Biennale.

Where to buy Vinita Karim Paintings?

There are quite a lot of sources that are available online, which you can use to purchase Vinita Karim Paintings. However, not all fo the websites are authentic ones, though. If you are interested in purchasing her paintings, you can use websites like or Both of these are trusted websites from where you can purchase Vinita Karim Paintings.

All You Need To Know About Vanita Karim Painting

However, in order to buy the Vinita Karim Paintings, you will need to make a purchase offer instead of simply buying it. So make sure to keep this in mind.

Final Words:

So that was all for the Vinita Karim Paintings. Overall, her paintings are timeless, and it has a touch of modernity with her travel experience. So go ahead and check them out. Also, if there are any suggestions or questions you would like to give or ask. Then do feel free to drop a comment below.


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