Are Wholesale Pound Line Shops the Best Option for Household Items?

wholesale pound lines suppliers

Buying groceries and home products is a tedious task, therefore everyone prefers to buy products in bulk quantities so that they don’t have to run to stores every day. Another thing that consumers are looking for is quality because these are the products one eats or they are for personal use and quality is something that you cannot compromise with. Therefore, keeping in mind the quality and quantity, your best option are pound line shops. These shops have high stock up of products that are going to be useful all year round and seasonal products are also available to meet your short term needs. Most importantly, everything is cheap so you can buy more products at a time which make pound shops your go-to stores.

The reason for pound line shops selling products at cheap prices is bulk buying and small margin. With Chinese manufactured products cost lesser, low cost manufactured goods have become the preferred choice among the consumers. Not everyone wants to buy high street goods, these shops value your penny, they attract consumers and that’s why you should buy it for your business.

Mass shopping during COVID-19

Well, COVID-19 is not passing anytime soon and the numbers keep on increasing, which results in occasional lockdown. This also implies that you might need to have high stock up of products at your store because people would want to buy in bulk. Interestingly, pound line stores are coming up with amazing deals and offers on products that businesses will be seeking during the isolation period.

This year has given people a lot of time to introspect and turn to things they always wanted but were not able to because their busy schedule didn’t allow them. Focusing on their hobbies, mental and physical health has never been more important and this has seen a rise in the sale of gardening, DIY, painting, decorating, toys, stationery and art & craft products. Since one is not an expert in these activities, it is good to buy these products at reasonable prices available at pound shops and store them for your buyers.

Entering the e-commerce sector

Pound shops work based on impulse, as people want to buy one product but they end up buying multiple products because the rates are low and these are household products so might come handy. In the online market, shopping is generally for a specific product as the display is limited. Also, there is less margin in smaller quantities especially in the online market, money goes into packaging and delivery which is covered by the purchase of costlier products like electronics while in the pound shop market there is no concept of costlier products, the profits completely depends on quantity.

Despite the challenges, pound line market has switched to online platforms and have come up with schemes with which businesses can continue to buy household items with free delivery as well. More importantly, they have become a platform for wholesale purchasing as well. The wholesale pound lines suppliers come with a variety of products ensuring that the cash and carry process is feasible.

What products to buy at a pound store

Well, it is established that there is a good reason to buy at a pound store once or twice a month, especially, when you are cutting down on expenses and looking to buy in bulk quantities. Although, you shouldn’t buy everything at a pound store like clothes, perishables in bulk or non-branded electronics. When you are budget shopping then these are the products to look for in a pound shop.

Cleaning products

You are buying bin bags from the supermarket and realise even the expensive ones break then you might want to swing by a pound shop because for cleaning products you are not looking for the highest quality but products that are workable and you wouldn’t mind buying in bulk quantities because they will be utilized eventually. Buying cleaning products from pound line stores is a great save.

Packaged Food Items

Pound shops are your place if you are a fan of soft drinks, biscuits, cereals and other packaged edible products. Just look out for the size because if you are buying products in a smaller size then it might not be a lot beneficial for you and going for bigger boxes imply more discount. The good thing about buying multiple packaged products of the same type is they don’t get expired fast and they are used on the daily basis.

Branded Non-Perishables

There is a huge possibility that you can find toothpaste, shampoos, toothbrushes, wipes, lotions, air fresheners, etc at a much cheaper price than supermarkets that too from your preferred brands. When you do just stock up because they are not going to get expired soon, it becomes a much better deal than buying from supermarkets. Take a look at the brands, if the products are from your trusted brands then you don’t need to think much about the quality.


These do not fall in your household items list but there is no harm in buying books when they are available at that cheap prices. Pound shops can surprise you with books that usually would be available for £ 6, can be bought at a pound. So, if you see something that is there on your reading list then just keep in mind it is a bargain.


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