Data Analytics is Key to Improving the Quality of Data Testing

analytics training in Bangalore

Data analytics training in Bangalore has simplified the production data functions, reduced costs, and enhanced the quality of the testing environment with better test coverage using highly contextual data.

Data is a priceless commodity. It is the new fuel, the new electricity, the new currency, and even a new Universe that has infinite untapped opportunities in store for everyone who has the wisdom to profitably survive in a highly commercialized market, such as the ones we now see in Cloud and Software business. These domains are investing billions in hiring and onboarding certified IT and Big Data engineers certified from some of the leading courses providing data analytics training in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon. When you have tons of data, thousands of data rows to analyze, it might sound like an overwhelming task to execute your first data testing model. But, eventually, you would be underwhelmed at the sheer lack of insight and lousy-ness at poor results.

Which companies and industries need the highest quality of data testing delivery?

Of the bat, we can clearly underline the biggest market for data testing delivery lies with the data science companies themselves, who have to guarantee about their security posture and abilities to protect personal information and other vital sensitive data. In a regulated environment, data testing teams would work with and for companies that help create real business intelligence from a series of synthetic data, or fabricated data.

Therefore, the top industries that would need extensive resources in data testing are as follows:

  • AI IT Ops
  • Cloud Providers
  • Enterprise Software platforms
  • Mobile applications and API connectors
  • Big Data Management
  • CCPA / GDPR Government regulation agencies
  • Financial security and cybersecurity

Recent Trends in Data Testing

Due to the rampant collaboration between organizations and open source data science developers, we have seen the testing environment undergoing a dynamic transformation.

Today, AI ML engineers are working in tandem with testers on different platforms, including on Spark, Hadoop, NoSQL, GitHub, BigQuery, TensorFlow, and so on. In fact, traditional data stores are also migrating to this dynamic space with automated self-guided techniques to turn flat files, XMLs, PDFs, JSON, and mainframes into reliable, non-corrupt DevOps frameworks for testing domains.

These accelerate the ETL and ELT operations, enabling IT companies to “synthetically” establish an ‘almost’ production-like testing environment for query solving and defect detection. It’s referred to as simulation of agile testing.

Streamlining data testing and management of quality and experimentation are key result areas for many trained and experienced software developers and analysts who spend countless hours in segregating data to drive quality results in a dominating software development marketplace that not only wants quality results but also delivered in Agile mode with reliable real time insights and customer support.

Only a good, or let’s say the best data testing teams can create and manage a scenario for their organizations that can meet all or a majority of requirements stated by customers.

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