Instagram Influencers For Your Business

Instagram Influencers For Your Business

It’s the second most frequently logged-in application every day in the world, just behind Facebook. In light of how visually appealing Instagram is, there’s not a surprise that it’s the most well-known for marketing via influencers. With up to 85 percent of people finding new products or services through Instagram It’s becoming increasingly obvious that companies should consider Instagram as the next platform for their marketing campaign.

Let’s take an examination of how Instagram influencers can assist your company achieve its goals in marketing this year.

What do you think Instagram influencers are?

Instagram influencers are exactly as you’d imagine they are – social media influencers who’s main marketing platform is Instagram. It’s fairly common that their followers are faithful enough on their other platforms as well. 

Social media influencers differ from celebrities, and that is the reason there has been a rise in this area and a decrease in endorsements by celebrities since recent times. Celebrities are likely to have a massive number of followers because they are well-known in a different way than social media. But, influencers are the ordinary people who have increased their followers due to their content through apps such as Instagram.

Influencers are most likely to get followers due to their expertise and experience in a particular area in which followers are interested and want to know more. For instance, those interested in fashion are likely to follow influencers that offer guidance and advice regarding fashion brands and styling tips, clothing styles, etc. People who are looking to cook will follow the influencers who post incredible recipes, cooking instructions and shopping recommendations.

Discovering Instagram influencers

If you’re a company seeking to start an entirely new campaign for marketing via social media, we’d suggest you think about engaging with influencers. When you are trying to find influential people on Instagram it can be somewhat daunting. But, don’t worry – Heepsy can help you out. We suggest using an influencer marketing tool to locate social media influencers easily, without having to spend excessive time searching through Instagram. Of course, you can accomplish this, and a good starting place is to browse through your followers to find the influencers who are interested in your company. But, it can be time-consuming and with a variety of filters to use on Heepsy it is possible to locate the ideal influencer within a matter of minutes!

You can observe that by making use of an influential marketing tool such as Heepsy You will be in a position to find Influencers on Instagram by defining the gender of their age and geographic location and more! It is also possible to evaluate the authenticity of the profiles of these influencers by using the in-depth analytics available. For instance, you can determine the interests of their followers and their authenticity, as well.

What to watch out for

Finding influencers is easy when using platforms for marketing to influencers. However, whether it’s organically or through a platform there are some cautions to keep in mind.

Follower growth signifies the growth or decrease in an influencer’s follower count. Remember that slow and steady wins! If there is an abrupt increase in followers, it could be a sign of suspicious behavior.

Engagement rates are crucial to ensure that your audience is attracted to the content of your influencers. An impressive engagement rate suggests that there’s a trustworthy connection between the influencer and their followers, in which they are confident in their content, and that there is an important level of interaction due to the level of interest. Be wary of high engagement rates that could be suggesting that you have bought comments or likes. However, be on the lookout for very low engagement levels, which indicate that people may not have an interest in content of high quality.

Utilizing a platform such as Heepsy can allow you to study a number of aspects that affect the authenticity of an influencer’s profile. It is important to make sure that the influencer’s audience is clearly in line with your intended group of customers. You could also review the previous partnerships with brands to know more about the brands they typically cooperate in conjunction with. 

Types of Instagram media

After you’ve identified influential people who match the target audience of your campaign and objectives, it is important to consider the kind of content to be shared. In addition to Instagram being a visual platform It is also popular in marketing due to the many different types of media that you can find. This means you can select the one which best suits your product or brand, and also with your budget and viewers.

Posts are the first media format on Instagram and are typically the most costly to influencer marketers. Posts are stored on the profile of an account for as long as it is and will likely be seen by the largest number of users. Posts can be tagged with location as well as multi-photo or video posts in the shape of a carousel and tags that are derived from your catalog.

Stories are an excellent alternative that is less expensive. Stories are available to users for 24 hours prior to being removed from the influencer’s page, unless it is added to the highlights. They can also be used to create account, location, and product tags along with the swipe up feature that will direct users to your page for business or a specific product.

IG Live is much more modern than Instagram. It’s, of course, live! This is why users interact well with content from influencers since they believe it’s the most authentic way to present their content. Influencers can answer questions in live unboxings, and offer authentic first impressions of products.

IGTV is the place where influencers can upload video content that is longer that can be posted to their posts. This is especially useful when products require more thorough explanations or full tutorials. For instance a fitness influencer might be looking to publish a full yoga tutorial on IGTV with a brand new mat of a partner brand.

Reels is the latest update to Instagram. It is Instagram’s direct competitor to TikTok that offers videos of short duration that can be incredibly edited with effects and music. It has been in high demand in the market for influencer marketing as influencers have the ability to share content like simple step-by-step instructions for recipes, a before and after makeup look or even a brief trailer video using a particular product.


In the final analysis, regardless of the kind of content or channel you choose, the influencer marketing industry is certainly worthwhile in 2021. Since the industry is expanding at a fast pace, you’ll want to engage your company earlier and not later. Don’t forget that Heespy can lend an aid in finding a KOL and make the procedure more simple!


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