Last-Minute Preparation Tips For JEE Main 2021

Last-Minute Preparation Tips

As the days are coming close to the final exam date for session 1 JEE Main 2021 exam, appearing candidates are facing a lot of confusion and anxiety about the preparation strategy which is fair enough. This year, JEE main 2021 has come with a lot of thrill in front of us. The one who knows how to deal with tough situations, has a hint of winning the race before the start of it.

Pull up your socks and be ready to fight for the ultimate race called the revision race, before the examination.

As the final exam date is approaching soon, the candidates must focus on their last-minute preparations. Here are some last- minute preparation tips for JEE Main 2021:

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  1. Set a practical target: Devote specific time for revision, practice and mock tests for every subject (physics, mathematics and chemistry) based on your strengths and weaknesses. For example, devote more time on mathematics if it is your weak subject and you require more practice in the same subject. This is the most crucial time so, utilise it smartly and rigorously. Do not make a rigid schedule which can impact your health for example setting a target of solving 5-6 mocks in a day that is impossible to do. Make a division of your schedule in a manner that you have proper time to devote to your sleep and regular breaks during study.
  1. Give attention to the most important topics: Go through the previous years papers and analyze which topics have the major weightage and then further proceed to devote time to those topics only.
  1. Quick Short notes: Go through each and every concept as soon as possible from your notes with full concentration to ensure you understand them and retain them for longer. In case you’re not clear or have any doubt, refer to your textbooks. Make brief notes of concepts, equations, formulae and an inventory of important diagrams etc. this will give a checklist for the end moment things to go through. Practice all the concepts and formulae of every application you have gone through. Go through the steps to solve the problem to keep a clarity of sequence and approach both.
  1. Attempt as many mock tests possible: Ensure that you attempt the maximum number of mock tests for JEE Exam Preparation, the more you solve, the better grip you can hold on the paper this is the only way you can become master over the time. Practicing mocks will help you watch your speed and accuracy and will give a graph to overview your performance. Set a timer to solve every problem, don’t waste more time than required. Move to the next question immediately. Those questions in which you feel are consuming more time than decided, mark them to review later. This strategy has to be followed in the examination as well.
  2. Don’t discuss your preparation: the biggest mistake students make is that they compare their progress or preparation with their mates and feel inferior or lose confidence at the end moment. Everybody has their own strategy to prepare. Maybe the topics you have covered could fetch you more marks than the other candidate.The topics you have studied have to be retained so be confident about them.
  1. Don’t think about the results: Results are a byproduct of the preparation you have done in the last 2 years. so, stay focused on revision and don’t worry about the thing you have no control over.

You can make your own study plan or can follow the following plan to revises the topics daywise

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Day 1Logarithms, Quadratic equations,Application and derivativesPower electrostatic, Work, Energy, GravitationAlkyl halides and mole concept, carbonyl compounds
Integration and differentiationVector and communication systemsHydrocarbons
Day 2Continuity, Limit, circlesThermal Electricity and thermal expansionPeriodic table, chemical bonding
Sequence and seriesFluid mechanicsCoordination chemistry
Day 3Lines and pair of straight linesElectricity and heat transferCarboxylic acid and their derivatives
Theory of equationHeat and thermodynamicsBiomolecules and general organic chemistry
Day 4Circles, sets, relations and functionsCurrentPhenol, Alcohol, Ether
Vector algebraModern PhysicsThermodynamics
Day 53D geometry locuswavesAtomic structure and electrochemistry
Complex numberProperties of matterHydrogen and it’s compound
Day 6Probability and statisticsNewton’s laws of motion and frictionSolid state and gaseous state
Trigonometric ratiosMotion and circular motionChemical kinetics

All the best,
Team Gradeup.


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