Top 7 Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling Enough


Facing the problems of a faulty air conditioner on a hot summer day is a real horror. The reasons for shutting down could be anything from technical faults or some non-technical faults. Just like any other machine, the air conditioner has moving parts inside of it which demands regular maintenance to provide you with the maximum performance of cooling in summers.

If you are not taking the required care of it or lacking the services, they will struggle to keep your house cool on peak summer days just like any other machine stop working. 

All the major companies know the ins and outs of their various appliance repairs needs and air conditioner maintenance is one of the most demanded services globally. This tells us the importance it has but still, people are paying a negligible amount of attention in taking care of that.

We will take about the most basic issues people face while dealing with AC maintenance and how you can keep your air conditioning working during all the physical breakdowns and electrical issues that will be handled by the best professionals when you ask for it. 

Let’s talk about the most common reasons you AC is in trouble, not providing enough cooling, and how you can take care of it:


If your AC is not cooling enough, the first thing which you should look for clogged air filters which might be blocking the free flow of air and reducing the cooling capacity if it. Inspect the air filters and evaluate whether the cleaning of it will solve the purpose or you need a replacement.

Check out for external air filters through your dealer or online. You can also opt for AC which has inbuilt filters in it such as air conditioning Sydney.


If you had no issues with the air filters then it’s time to check the coils which could be another reason for your AC not cooling enough. With long usage, the condenser coils which works like a radiator dissipating heat removed from the air becomes dirty and covered with debris.

In this case, cleaning it is required so that it can dissipate heat outside. If these coils are left untouched, the air conditioner will become less efficient over time, making it an impossible task to cool down the house ever.

You can check out for videos on the internet to get it cleaned yourself or simply book an appointment with a professional to avoid getting involved in all the dirt and mess while cleaning up your AC coils. 


It is very important to maintain the required amount of coolant level which circulates through the evaporator coils we talked about in point number two. By doing so it cools down the air flowing around and over it and finally sends the cooler air into the house.

Over time with regular usage, the level of coolant present in the AC becomes insufficient to carry out its process and you will start to experience low cooling effects. At this stage, contact your service provider to top up the coolant and refill.


Just like the heart is the work center of the human body, a compressor is the heart of your air conditioner unit being the main reason behind all the cooling temperature in your house. If you have checked all the previous points, but still not found the reason behind insufficient cooling, it is time to take a look at the heart of it which is the compressor.

The compressor motor is defective which compresses all the refrigerant or coolant and circulates the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser coil. Get it fixed as soon as possible otherwise the cooling cycle won’t be completed.


A faulty thermostat won’t perform its function which is sensing the room temperature through its sensors and telling the compressor through hints to begin or stop the cooling cycle. Having a malfunctioned thermostat will either result in zero cooling or continuous cooling of the house. 


A very common technical problem is having a defective part which is hindering the cooling process. It could be anything from a faulty run capacitor of the compressor, control board issue, unstable thermostat, choked capillary, or jammed motor.

Some of the commonly used spare parts can be found online such as capacitors, indoor or outdoor fan motor while for some you have to contact locally.


Choosing an undersized or oversize is the worst possible mistake people make. While buying, you should look for the size first and budget later on. A small air conditioner in a huge room will be unable to cool it down despite running smoothly.

If you have a bigger requirement for multiple rooms you can go for ducted air conditioning Sydney as a better size for widespread even cooling.


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