Tips and tricks to manage your restaurant in Mumbai

manage your restaurant

Restaurants in Mumbai are going through a tough phase because of the challenges posed by Covid-19. As per the reports by The New Indian Express, due to the spike in Covid-19 cases, restaurants and hotels are witnessing a drop in footfall by 30%. Thus the need of the hour is to adopt more safety measures, cut down unnecessary expenses and attract more diners at your restaurant. All this and more is possible with the help of a restaurant management system.

What is a restaurant management system?

In addition to serving the functions of a restaurant billing software, the restaurant management system helps manage inventory, sales data, loyalty programs and a lot more.

Tips and tricks to manage your restaurant

Let’s explore the various benefits offered by the restaurant management system.

Offers contactless dining feature – Now, in-diners can reserve the seats at your restaurant in advance. They don’t have to stand near the table waiting for their turn. With the help of India’s leading restaurant management platforms such as inresto, your customers can opt for contactless check-in, order food by scanning a QR code on their mobile phone and make payments using digital wallets. The absolutely safe, contactless dining experience will no doubt attract more footfalls at your restaurant.

Better inventory control – The software lets you track the stock levels live from any location, anytime. If you are managing multiple outlets, you will get to know the inventory requirements at various locations. Get notified with alerts whenever it’s time to place the fresh stock of inventory. It also helps you optimise the inventory levels and cut down wastage. Another major benefit is that the platform helps curb inventory theft by employees.

Make use of insights and reports – Get valuable insights on customer preferences, sales trends over a period, performance of employees etc. Now you can easily remove the non-performing dishes from the menu and focus on the fast-moving ones. Based on the customer data, waiters can suggest the favourite dishes preferred by various diners. The software also aids in developing customised loyalty programs.

Parting Words

Restaurants operating in Mumbai can no longer depend on the traditional methods of management. Customers have become more demanding and the pandemic outbreak has made the situation worse. Apart from the benefits discussed above, the restaurant management help you cut manual labour, boost efficiency and increase footfalls enormously.


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