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Spotify is at it again with the numbers! The new Today’s Top Fans feature on the music streaming service tells you who your most played artist is and what song you’ve listened to the most.

The new tool is an enhanced version of 2020’s Top 1% of Fans feature, giving users more information about the songs they’ve played the most, how many hours they’ve listened to, and, of course, what per cent super fan you are based on your top artist’s listening habits.

This feature “provides a precise means to show that you listen to these musicians more often than any other fan,” according to the site. This does not imply that you have been listening to an artist for a long time. This is the number of times a song has been listened to on Spotify by an artist.

How to use the Today’s Top Fans feature on Spotify

You’ll need to go to to find the Top Fans feature. The feature is available on both desktop and mobile platforms. To access it, you must first log in to your account.

After checking in, swipe across to see your most-played artist’s statistics.

Then you’ll come across:

  • When you first started listening to your favourite musician,
  • Your top three favourite songs by your favourite musician
  • Your favourite artist’s most popular song and how many times it’s been played.

How many hours did you spend listening to your favourite artist in total?

The final percentage of Top Fans.

You can also listen to the music of other musicians you enjoy and get the same statistics as previously. You won’t get the final super fan percentage if your listening metrics aren’t high enough for an artist.


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