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Virtual Life Story  is a platform for digital news. With the help of our new blogs and Lots of  information. Our mission is to present our readers with accurate information. And to do so, we’ll need a dedicated crew. So, if you’re interested in contributing to the Informative  and about real life  community’s blogs, please email us at info@virtuallifestory.com.
Virtual Life Story is a very informative news site.

Virtual Life Story is looking for guest contributors who can contribute high-quality Informative , valid and Useful  information.

The Rules for Posting

• Don’t forget to include a word count (800). Articles with a word count of more than 800 words will be appreciated as well.

• The content of the article must be entirely unique and devoid of plagiarism.

• The blog should never have been published anywhere else.

• The content will only be accessible through our website.

• We promise that the article will not be republished anywhere else.

• Promotional links are not permitted in the body of the article.

• Links to other sources, on the other hand, are welcome if they keep readers interested. Reading comprehension and credibility will undoubtedly improve with the utilisation of references.

How to Submit an Application to Virtual Life Story:

Before submitting your idea, please consider the following things in your article.

• You must submit a well-structured guest article with an engaging title.

• A word count of at least 800 words is required.

• Double-check that the photos you’re using in the article are yours.

• Use the article’s bullet points to your advantage.

• As needed, add subheadings, titles, and minor headings.

• Check for grammatical mistakes twice.

Important Considerations When Writing for Us

• If necessary, you can submit screenshots.

• Images are permitted, but they must be of acceptable quality.

• Using Grammarly to avoid mistakes will be beneficial.

How do I publish an article?

You can proceed to the next step after you’ve finished reading the article. The ideal time to contact us is right now. Please send the item to the address listed below. We’ll put it on our website and let you know as soon as we can if it meets our requirements. Aside from that, you may incorporate links, URLs, and the name of your website in your work if necessary.