11 Interesting and Funny Cake Facts


Cakes are common on all the special occasions and celebrations. But do you know about various cake facts? Have you ever wondered that there is a day to celebrate cakes? Well, there’s a lot more fun about cakes and below mentioned facts will leave you surprised with a smile on your face. Let’s get started with some interesting and funny cake facts.

  • The National Cake Day is on 26th November and is celebrated deliciously in the USA.
  • German Chocolate Cake is a delectable dessert and is famous across the globe but there is no Germany association by any means. Samuel German – an American guy made a kind of dark baking chocolate for the Baker’s Chocolate organisation in 1852. Curiously, that individual never made that cake. It was 105 years after the fact, on third June 1957 that a recipe “German’s Chocolate Cake” was printed in The Dallas Morning News. The recipe was imagined by Mrs. George Clay, a home baker who utilized that dark baking chocolate to set up this wonderful cake.
  • Do you know that the more older the nut cake or fruit cake is – the tastier it becomes? Nut cakes were eaten by crusaders of Roman origin as that kept them full for a more time. The Britishers at that point tried different things with fruits that the Mediterranean provided. Try to absorb the fruits in liquor, whiskey or rum and afterward enclose them by foil so it matures with time.
  • It is intriguing to discover that it was Queen Victoria who was the first to have pure white frosting on her marriage cake. That is the reason behind the term “Royal Icing”.
  • We all know about blowing candles out of a birthday cake and making wishes, right? But do any of you know that the old individuals used to blow candles each in turn so the smoke conveys their wishes to heaven?
  • There is genuinely a difference between a pie and a cake yet do you know that a Boston Cream Pie is a cake? During ancient days, (1800 A.D.) in America, just pie tins were common and that is the reason it was set up in a pie container. That’s the reason behind the name!
  • Isn’t that delicious to know that India sells around 9.1 million cakes each year? Avail online cake delivery in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, or in any other city to add to the stats!
  • If individuals have a ton of cash, they can go to any degree. Why? Since the world’s most expensive cake contains 10 diamonds alongside rings, necklaces, and wristbands. Would you like to know the cost? The cake was titled “Privateers Fantasy” and the cost is 35 million USD.
  • The name Victoria in Victoria Sponge is after Queen Victoria since she simply loved the cake with her evening tea.
  • In ancient celebrations, there was a Cake Stacking tradition. Every visitor brought a layer of cake and each one of those layers were stacked with creamy apple butter.
  • Having a cake during Christmas is a custom that the entire world follows. But, in the middle age, parties were held to carry the conclusion to Christmas festivities where frogs and birds used to burst out a big cake!

Hope you had a funny and delicious time reading these fun facts about cakes. Have a great day!


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