12 Inspired Ways to Store Your Toilet cleaning Products

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Toilet cleaning should be on your priority list if you are serious about your hygiene. It will also have an impact on the overall aesthetic of your home. With proper bathroom cleaning supplies, it is not very tiresome to clean your bathroom. If you are dedicating your time to clean your toilet properly, you are doing it right. But, if you are not organizing all the toilet cleaning products properly, it might end up being unsightly. The best idea for toilet cleaning product storage is storing the products in the bathroom itself or anywhere close to your bathroom. This will make it easier for you to access the cleaning supplies when you need them. Here are 12 creative ways to store cleaning supplies.

1.     Bathroom Mirror case:

You can build a DIY mirror case in your bathroom to store your cleaning supplies. A full-length mirror not only contributes to the aesthetic of your bathroom but also to your storage place. Install this mirror case in your bathroom and no one will guess that all the cleaning supplies and toiletries are behind the beautiful mirror.

2.     Bathroom vanity unit:

A bathroom vanity unit is a very good way to save a lot of space in your bathroom while hiding all the cleaning accessories. It functions as a sink basin as well as one of the most convenient cleaning supply storage organizers. You can store a lot of cleaning products, toiletries and other clutter without having to worry about additional space.

3.     Pegboards:

Every garage has pegboards to hang and organize garage tools. But, pegboards can also come in handy in organizing the toilet cleaning supplies. You can turn any wasted wall into a pegboard and hang all the cleaning accessories like mops, brooms, brushes and gloves. You can also decorate it to give it a creative touch.

4.     Rod-hung shoe bag:

If you have some extra paper towel rolls and are worrying about storing them, a rod-hung shoe bag can curb your anxiety. You can store the paper rolls in the shoe bag and they just fit perfectly. Later, you can hang the shoe bag in your closet and this will save a lot of space.

5.     Over-the-door organizers:

Over-the-door organizers can hold almost anything. From spray bottles to toiletries to other containers, it can hold anything. All you need to do is hang it over a closet door and it will serve your purpose. At the same time, these organizers are a very effective way to keep all the toxic chemicals and cleaning agents out of your kids’ reach.

6.     Utility cabinets:

Utility cabinets can be very helpful to store all those long brooms and mops along with other cleaning tools. You can build one utility cabinet to match the interior of your home and decorate it the way you like. You can design it to hold all the tools like dustpans and spray bottles other than the brooms.

7.     Behind-the-door clamps:

The back of your closet door is a space you should always utilize to store cleaning tools. You can install clamp style racks behind the closet doors. These clamp style racks are perfect for hanging brooms and mops. This way, you will save a lot of space as well as utilize some wasted space. On the other hand, you will prevent the brooms from falling onto you every time you open the closet door.

8.     Closet hooks:

Cleaning closet hooks can be an easy way to utilize all the extra space in your closet cabinet. You can install small closet hooks in the cleaning closet. It will allow you to hang all the handy toilet cleaning tools like dustpans and dusters. You can also clip the rubber gloves together and hang them using the closet hooks.

9.     Closet tension rod:

Turn your bathroom cabinets into perfect storage for toilet cleaning supplies and accessories. Cleaning the toilets often involves several chemicals which are kept in the spray bottles. All those spray bottles can take a lot of space. You can install tension rods in the cabinets below your sink and hang all the spray bottles from the rod.

10.   Toilet cleaning wooden crates:

You can organize your entire bathroom cleaning supplies using some unused wooden crates. You can group the supplies according to the frequency of their usage and label them. This will make sure that you do not have to go through all the supplies at the time of cleaning. You can place the wooden crates on the storage shelves and it will also give a pleasing look.

11.   Rolling carts:

Keep all your cleaning products like a bottle of soap water, baking powder solution, bathroom floor cleaner, duster and rugs in a rolling cart. It will help you move the products from one place to another. You can also hide it easily once you are done with your bathroom cleaning regime.

12.   Floating shelves:

Last but not the least, one of the easiest solutions to organize your cleaning products is the floating shelves in the bathroom. There is no doubt that they can effectively hold a lot of things including storage bins. You can also place plants on top of them which will be aesthetically pleasing. If you are ready to invest in some curtains, you will also be able to hide them easily.


Your bathrooms witness a lot of traffic throughout the day which makes them prone to build up. Therefore, cleaning them frequently is essential to maintain a clean and healthy toilet. However, if you are not organizing the toilet cleaning products properly and leaving them all over the floor, what is the point of cleaning in the first place? It is also important to store all the supplies properly so that you can find them while cleaning the toilet next time. Try to use these bathroom cleaning products storage ideas to maximize your efficiency.


How important toilet cleaning really is?

Toilets are the favourite places for harmful bacteria and other microbes to grow. Dirt and mould can easily build up in the bathrooms. Therefore, you should always try to keep your bathrooms as clean as possible. A clean and healthy toilet means a step is taken towards your family’s wellness.

How often should I clean my bathroom?

You should try to dry mop or vacuum your bathroom at least twice a week. This will not allow the dust to accumulate in the bathroom. You should deep clean the entire bathroom including the toilet, sink and tub once or twice a month. Remember, the more frequently you will clean your bathroom, it will become easier to keep it clean.

Should I invest in a closet below the sink?

Yes, you definitely should. A cleaning closet below the sink is a very convenient way to store your entire range of toilet cleaning products. Keeping all those supplies just below your sink will help you find out when you will need them. You can also install tension rods or hooks in the closets. It will help you utilize the unused space in the closet cabinet.

Can I use fabric bags to keep toilet cleaning supplies?

Fabric bags are a very easy to use storage option for bathroom cleaning products and toiletries. You can also choose the fabric in accordance with the design of your bathroom. It will enhance the look of your bathroom.   


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