3 Factors to Consider when Choosing Submersible Stirrers

magnetic stirrers

Manual mixing of liquid solutions in a laboratory can be susceptible to many risks. Therefore, it is wiser to opt for devices that facilitate an easy and safe process. Laboratories widely use magnetic stirrers to aid this process of sample mixing and stirring. A vital variety available for the purpose is Submersible stirrers. It comprises the magnetic plate where stirring is performed and an external casing to store the battery. These submersible stirrers are available in varying sizes, hence, you need to ensure that your pick is not only suitable for the specific experiment but also an energy and cost-efficient choice. Here are the top three factors to consider when buying your submersible stirrers.

Electric Specifications

Power consumption can vary with the choice of your submersible stirrers. There are varieties available in stirring power options of 10W among others, like 40W. The stirring speed also alters accordingly. So, you need to be aware of your current and voltage needs. Generally, the 10 W supply is ideal for small vessels or test tubes.

Operating Conditions

The application of the device can be external or internally submerged. When the device needs to remain immersed inside the container, the choice of a sealed container stirrer is ideal. When the placement is outside the container, external conditions of rust and maintenance become more critical. As such, the choice of stainless steel stirring plate featuring an easy to clean surface, high chemical resistance, and a germ-proof surface is important. 

Size And Type 

The submersible stirrers are designed for varying stirring volumes. It can averagely vary from 0.5 ml-3000ml. Based on their volume carrying capacity, the allied attributes like speed can vary. Besides, the device can come with varying combinations of stirring points. Hence, defining the use and then selecting the suitable design is the appropriate way.


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