3 Shotguns That Excel at Their Function


Having the right shotgun for the job at hand is always important. Exactly how important it is depends on what that job is. When the job at hand is waterfowl hunting, being equipped with an appropriate fowling-piece, like the Beretta A400, is important for contributing to a fruitful day in the blind. When it comes to having the right shotgun for protection against grizzly while fishing in Alaska, the stakes are considerably higher. The following is a selection of shotgun models and platforms that excel in the niche they were designed for.

Fowling Shotgun: Beretta A300/A400

The Beretta A300/A400 are siblings, though not twins, in the same family of ultra-reliable gas-operated shotguns. The Beretta A300 and Beretta A400 could arguably be split up according to experience level, and certainly by user preference. The Beretta A300 is a reliable, versatile workhorse, and as such, a solid entry-level choice. It is durable and tough, while surprisingly light, and breaks down easily. Just the thing for weathering cold days in a blind. Not that the Beretta A400 is a poor choice for newcomers, particularly considering its advanced recoil reduction technology. But its greased lightning firing speed and whip-fast follow-up will appeal to any fowling veteran.

Bear Protection Shotgun: AR-12

Bear protection is unquestionably one of the most important functions that a scattergun can serve. As any bear threat is necessarily going to be close-range, the priority is capacity and ease of use. Considering the incomparable popularity of the AR-15 platform, its shotgun platform cousin the AR-12 is likely to be a broadly comfortable and familiar choice. Additionally, an AR-12 is generally going to be high-capacity. Plus, the modularity of the platform can further enhance its effectiveness by allowing for the addition of features like a foregrip and preferred sights.

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Tactical Shotgun: Benelli M4

While those features of the AR-12 also renders it a formidable tactical shotgun, the Benelli M4 wins out for having been beautifully designed for that purpose. Also like the AR-12, the Benelli M4 is an exceedingly modular shotgun. The barrel, forearm, buttstock, and the other assembly groups can be switched out without the use of tools. Benelli designed the M4 to be self-regulating regarding shells of different lengths and loads as well, further optimizing its versatility. Additional tactical musts include a collapsible buttstock and Picatinny rail for the attachment of lights, optics, and anything else Picatinny-compatible. Finally, the Benelli M4 is a brick. It is renowned for being capable of handling an incredible amount of shells fired without the necessity to replace any major parts.

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