3 Things You Need To Be a Notary

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Becoming a notary is a useful position and a good addition to your resume. Like any job, there are some requirements you need to meet in order to be authorized as a notary. Here are three things you need to be a notary.

1. Appropriate Supplies

Supplies such as notary seals, certificates and record books are required for all notaries, no matter their jurisdictions. You may want to get a variety of options for applying your notary seal to various documents, such as stamps and embossers. You will likely need a variety of certificates, for different notarization types. You can either keep paper certificates in stock or download each certificate from the supplier’s website as needed.

2. Training And Education

Many states require training for potential notaries, but it’s a good idea to take advantage of training courses even if your state doesn’t make it a requirement. Check with your state’s notary regulating agency for in-person and online courses, basic notary training and continuing educartion opportunities. Keep in mind there are often fees associated with notary training courses and that some states require applicants to pass a notary test before becoming authorized notaries.

3. Insurance And Bonds

Most states require their notaries to have notary bonds but not liability insurance. Check with your state about the size of the bond required for notaries operating there, as amounts can vary across the country. If you so desire, you can purchase an insurance policy called an errors and omissions policy, which is meant to protect notaries against claims that are related to notarization errors someone alleges you have made.

Remember, the requirements to become a notary vary by state and depending on whether you become a notary the traditional way or via remote online authorization. You should always check your particular state’s guidelines and requirements.


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