5 Reasons Why Mentorship is Important

5 Reasons Why Mentorship is Important

If we Look at the prominent leaders and try to find the reason behind their massive success, we will notice a common trait behind them all. Which binds them together and helps them to grow faster not only making a big difference by their role but also preparing them for a future role. The answer is mentor, why mentor? Because mentors help them to lift their goals to boost their focus and raise their levels to take better actions and produce brilliant results by garnering their potential to the fullest.

Being said that is enough to highlight the significance of the mentorship in one’s life. But the importance of mentorship doesn’t culminate here, there are ample reasons for what positive change a mentor can bring about in one’s professional as a well individual sphere of life. Here are 5 Reasons Why Mentorship is Important and there is an urgent need of the same to grow oneself individually as well as professionally.

Precision and Clarity:

Many a time we are having many ideas and opportunities making rounds in our head of which we cannot discuss with anyone as well as cannot decide, this tends to be very frustrating as well a waste of golden opportunities or ideas.  At such point of time, a mentor can be of utmost importance, as they have walked that path and knows in which direction to steer at such times. We can get clarity on such topics as well as develop precision about our actions and future plans.

To Refine Ideas:

As mentioned before the mentor has walked the way which we are on and have ample of knowledge as well as experience regarding the things which we are experiencing for the first time. They can moreover open multiple doors of opportunities as well as give us some of the tried and tested methods and ideas to refine our ideas and make the most out of every situation.

Help develop Healthy Habits:

The mentors who are most probably a successful leader now have taken cognisance of the fact that the foundation of the success does not lie in enormous but little things which we practice daily i.e habits. It is something which we do daily and weekly and its end product is what we call success. A mentor can help us identify and practice these little things to form new habits over time which then will help to build a rock-solid foundation for our success.

Emotional stability:

As we move ahead with our organisation towards our vision, times will come when there will be great turmoil and things will tend to change again and again which will be sometime positive and sometimes be negative and impact us in the same manner. For which we need to make up our mind and be ready to take on the best and face the worst. This can be a very tiresome process and drain the energy. At such times a mentor can make all the difference by cheering us in our bad times and keeping us grounded in our great times, so no faux pas occurs in highs and lows of life. With every up and down in our life, we will gain great experience if we are having a mentor by our side and we can even get the best out of the worst.

Partner (Perspective):

No matter how great analytical and critical thinking skills we posses there is always some blindspots we miss when we are right in the game. As viewpoint gets restricted due to our position and designation and sometimes it can be hard from that position to get a bird’s eye view. Which can help us sort things or align them in right place.

For instance, we can look at Reza Satchu an entrepreneur, the creator of University of Toronto’s most highly rated undergraduate course, “Economics of Entrepreneurship,” Founding Chair, Co-Chair and Co-Founder of The Next 36. Reza Satchu is a Managing Partner of Alignvest Capital Management, an investment management company based in Toronto and New York.


It’s always good to walk a new path and explore the uncharted areas under the expertise of a mentor who already has mapped the whole region and knows all the possible threats and opportunities. This can ensure a clear pathway to success.


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