5 Red-Flags Suggesting You Need A New Roof


Your roof supports up to 80% of the weight in your house. So, as it ages, it becomes more vulnerable to weather damage, and even little damage can be dangerous.

Your roofing will start to have additional issues as it grows older. As a result, it can be complicated to decide whether a roof needs replacement. Sometimes the decision to repair or get a new roof installation is clear-cut, but other times it might be difficult.

Would it not be wonderful if your roof could communicate with you when it is ready? 

Even if it does not truly speak, it will let you know when it needs to be replaced. All you have to do is be aware of the warning flags.

Which signs suggest you need a roof replacement?

  1. Old roof

You probably need a new roof if your current one is older than 20 years. 

Ask your roofers Melbourne because this age range can change depending on the sort of roof you have and where you reside. 

Regardless of the roof’s age, a brand-new roof is not always necessary. But it could be time for a new one if you also have problems with your roofing.

  1. Degradation of paint

It is necessary to repaint your roof if you see chipping or peeling paint on it.

However, it would be beneficial if you first attempted to obtain a qualified opinion from roofers Melbourne on whether this is the case. 

In other circumstances, the issue could be far more significant than just little surface damage. So as soon as you see it, take care of it since flaking and peeling paint can weaken your roof’s ability to withstand the weather.

  1. Missing shingles

Many missing shingles indicate that it is time to replace your current roof. Moreover, your roof’s shingles will more likely be blown off during a storm as they age. 

Also, your roof’s missing shingles will only increase the likelihood of leaks, which might harm your house.

  1. Roof leaks

Leaking roofs are one of the most obvious indicators that it is time for a replacement. However, just because a roof leak does not mean it needs replacement.

Unfortunately, until your roof has been inspected, you will not know whether you need leaking roof repair in Melbourne or total roof replacement.

However, if the leak was brought on by poor roof installation, storm damage, or the expiration of the roofing materials’ life, you will most likely require a replacement.

  1. Sagging roof

Consider it a warning sign if you see your roof sagging and replace it. 

A roof can sag due to a variety of factors—for instance, a flimsy roof or a roof that was improperly built. 

So, replacing rather than repairing your roof will save you time and money and prevent the roof from collapsing when you see your roof sagging.

Final thoughts!

Most homeowners ultimately need to replace their roofs. It is a component of routine house upkeep. 

Moreover, a new roof is also a significant financial investment for your house. So, call reputable roofers Melbourne to get the best services.


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