5 Signs Commercial Building Must Call an Electrician

5 Signs Commercial Building Must Call an Electrician

The world has become digital. Immense reliance on electricity has raised electricity’s status from a facility to a necessity. Without electricity, no facility can go on for even a single day. We can safely term a consistent supply of electricity as the backbone of every business.

However, at times small issues in electricity can often be neglected or overlooked. Households believe small disruptions to be normal, whereas commercial building admin overlooks such issues. Some small issues can be the breeding point of big disasters down the lane. These failures can hamper the overall operations of an organization putting you far behind your schedule.

In this article, we have discussed five such issues that must alert you to call for an electrician because these could be breeding points of big issues.

1. Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are indicators that a circuit is under an excess voltage load. When too many appliances are plugged into a circuit, a circuit is forced to allow more current to pass through it, than it is capable of. To counter the excessive current flow, circuit breakers trip, discontinuing the flow of voltage through them.

A short circuit also leads to tripping of the circuit because a voltage overload causes the circuit board to heat up beyond its reasonable range of temperature. An increased temperature can cause a fire in the building.

So, if you feel that breakers are tripping frequently, you must call an electrician to look into the matter. They can add more voltage to avoid any mishap.

2. Frequent Bulb Fuse

Bulbs burn after they have served their lifetime, and nothing is alarming about that. However if you notice that all the bulbs have stopped working at the same time, or if you notice that a bulb installed on a particular outlet fuses more frequently, then there might be some issue at the back-end. Voltage overflow, bad wiring, loose connection, or any other issue that can trigger a major accident. To avoid any mishap, it is better to have an electrician inspect the connections and outlets.

If you are continuously using bulbs, they will serve their good time too quickly. To prolong their life, you can switch to daylight when it’s bright outside. It will take offload from bulbs during the day.

3. Flickering Lights

Well, a commercial building is not a disco where you want lights flickering. If the lights dim or flicker, that is an indicator of calling a professional electrician because the connection might be loose. A loose connection might cause a fire in the building or it can short circuit the whole building.

4. Dead Sockets

Dead electricity outlets do not pose any safety hazard directly. However, they slow down the overall operations and productivity in a building. Every time someone tries to switch on an appliance, they have to find a good socket because the available outlet is out of order.

With fewer good outlets available, there will be more load on these outlets. This can lead to circuit trips, overheating, and short-circuiting.

5. Old Wiring

Some old buildings still have an old wiring system. Other than a safety hazard these wiring systems are highly inefficient as they cannot carry bigger voltages due to their limited capacity. Another limitation is the time for which they can work i-e if these are forced to operate for a longer period they can heat up and even spark.

It might look like too big of a project to replace the whole wiring system because it is connected to the main electricity meter. However, leaving it just like that will not only make you replace the whole system but also breed a safety hazard in the building.

So, if you want to make your commercial building safe and hazard-free, without any further delay, call up the electrician. If you are worried about expertise and professionalism, you can rely on Bay Electric Eureka.

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