5 Things you must avoid when preparing for NEET!


National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is one of the major medical entrance exams in India. So many NEET coaching institutes in Delhi get thousands of enrollments every year of the students who are willing to prepare for NEET with them. They put in years of preparation, hard work, and patience into achieving this dream still only a few of them succeed whereas others are left wondering as to where did they go wrong?

To achieve the best result in medical PMT, dedication is not the only thing but even your approach during the preparation phase also matters a lot. Sometimes slight negligence, a faulty approach, or even a few silly mistakes can pull you back on the main examination day.

5 Things you must avoid when preparing for NEET!

Well, you can always work on such points and strive towards a better outcome! With these 5 tips, you would know what mistakes are there in your preparation approach and you can easily rectify them while you still have time in your hands.

#Mistake-1 Not giving NCERT the deserved attention

In Many write-ups on NEET niche, you can find this line “NCERT is the bible for NEET aspirants” and trust me it is in no way an overstatement!

NCERT is an all-inclusive book for NEET preparation. Students who don’t refer to NCERT and think that their study material or other books are enough are often at fault. Your foremost choice should be NCERT and only after you have mugged up all its chapters by heart, you should move on to some other study material. You should definitely take help from the reference books but do remember that reference books can help as supplementary but never as an alternative to NCERT.

#Mistake-2 Being entirely dependent on mock tests/test series

These days you can find some of the best online test series for NEET and mock tests available on government/competitive exam preparation websites and attempting them is not at all harmful. But making them the main source of acquiring knowledge instead of the textbooks can definitely put you at loss.

Going through each chapter of the syllabus helps you in the long run. Solving test series at the beginner’s level might look easy but as you will progress with the preparation, attempting questions that are truly based on the understanding of a particular topic will put you down. This will not just ruin your preparation time but will also demotivate you.

So the right approach here should be to first read all the chapters and cover all the topics from the textbook and then test your knowledge through some of the best online test series for NEET and mock tests.

#Mistake-3 Constantly switching between the books/study materials

Every NEET article that you will browse on Google will give you more new references to helpful books and study materials. Some students who are indecisive or over stressed about giving their perfect shot end up with purchasing more than 2 or 3 books for preparation. This case leads to two scenarios, the first is that some of the books are completely left untouched till the very end and the second is that the students keep switching from one book to another leading to no productivity. To simply avoid this confusion better opt for NCERT as your main study book, once you complete reading all its chapters, then move forward to another reference book.

#Mistake-4 Adopting the path of mugging up

I still remember very clearly that when I was in school some students were experts at mugging up even the maths sums. Yes, some people do possess this sort of super skill of mugging up almost anything, and if you are one of them then you need to stop right here.

Many students get their hands on some of the best online test series for NEET and start mugging up answers to all its questions. Well, this skill has an advantage when it comes to the Biology section but can become your biggest disadvantage in the case of Chemistry or Physics section.

#Mistake-5 Over stressing your brain

Hard work does bring success but over hard work can also bring you loss! Don’t fill your timetable/schedule with just studies. You need to make space for breaks and your hobbies, giving up on such leisure can crumble your mind to a great extent. Instead of clouding your brain to the point of saturation, keep it well organized and free to intake more new knowledge which can be only done if you give it some free time to de-stress.

Achieving the best result in medical PMT is not even that difficult if you keep your course of preparation on the right track and avoid the mistakes mentioned above.

Best of Luck!


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