5 Ways Your Loved Ones Can Benefit From At-Home Care

Benefit From At-Home Care

Around 11.1%, or 1 in 9 adults will face cognitive decline as they get older. This condition can involve anything from memory loss to problems with language or judgment.

For many people, this can make living alone difficult or impossible. A good solution is providing at-home care. Early intervention can make it more possible for your loved one to comfortably live alone.

Getting your loved one at home care often requires a large financial commitment. If you want to understand why at-home care is the best option for your family then check out our guide.

1. Let Your Loved One Stay Independent

For many seniors that are facing cognitive decline, it can be difficult to adjust to needing constant care. A caregiver gives you a unique opportunity to provide support while still allowing your loved one to live independently.

Your loved one gets to stay in their home and maintain control of their schedule.

If you want to ensure that your loved one can adjust to an at-home caregiver you need to intervene early. You can do this by watching for elderly signs of decline including the following:

  • Loss of Sight or Hearing
  • Mood Swings
  • loss of interest in Social Activities or Work
  • Memory Problems

Once you begin to see several of these signs it may be time to sit down with your loved one and discuss the benefits of at-home care.

2. Constant Companionship

One thing many families worry about when a loved one gets older is how to ensure they have companionship. Loneliness among senior citizens in America is becoming a serious problem. In fact, one study showed that $6.7 billion in annual spending results from social isolation.

Isolation can increase the risk of stroke by 32%, and the risk of coronary heart disease by 29%. Providing your loved ones at-home can be good for their emotional and physical health.

Elderly people who live alone receive the most benefits from at-home care because they are allowed to keep their pets. Many nursing homes and rehabilitation centers don’t allow residents to have pets or animals for comfort. This can be isolating as pets provide companionship for many people.

With an at-home caregiver, there is always someone around to care for your loved one and their pet.

3. Safe Travel

As your loved ones get older they may no longer be able to care for themselves or run basic errands. Providing at-home care allows you to ensure that your loved ones are always getting to their destination safely.

They also ensure that your loved ones never miss important doctor’s appointments and always have a way to get their prescriptions.

4. At-Home Care Can Costs Than Rehab Facilities

With at-home care, you have more flexible options than traditional nursing homes. Rather than paying a standard monthly fee caregivers usually charge by the hour. This means that if you only need several hours of care per day then that’s all you have to pay for.

If you look up ‘at-home caregivers near me’ or ‘caregiver near me’ you can find competitive rates compared to nursing homes.

5. Personalized Medical Care

Having an at-home caregiver allows your loved one to get one on one treatment. Instead of having a doctor or nurse juggling several different patients, you have one healthcare professional dedicated to your loved one.

Find More Ways to Care for Your Loved Ones

Getting an elderly relative at-home care lets you provide them the best care while giving you peace of mind. It also lets you ensure that they always have companionship and personalized medical care.

If you are looking for other ways to care for your loved ones and keep them safe then check out our other articles.



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