6 Trending MMORPGs That You Can Play on Your PC in 2022

Trending MMORPGs
Trending MMORPGs

Massive Multiplayer Role-playing Games or simply MMORPGs belong to an extremely diverse and popular genre where players get to explore huge territories, complete various quests, and survivor for as long as they can using whatever weapons they have.

This sort of game gives players the freedom to improvise and play however they want without having to follow a certain fixed approach. This article is about 6 of the best trending MMORPGs that you will definitely love. All these games offer great visual effects as well as gameplay and we are certain you will love these if you gave them a try.

Here are some trending MMORPGs that you need to check out

  1. CrossOut

This game has very cool graphics and involves vehicular combat-type gameplay. The players get to build their own war machines through combat, trade, or simply using crafting tools. You can choose the design and specifications of your vehicle to make it more effective against stronger opponents.

The backstory resembles a little to the Mad Max series. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic era where genetically altered humans have to survive using their wit and strategies.

  • World of Tanks

This exciting MMORPG comes with insane fighting machines, specifically tanks and allows players to communicate with each other via audio. The players have full control over the vehicle’s movements and firing.

The players can play team vs team or a team vs AI tank and the game is won when all of the enemy tanks are destroyed or when their base is captured. There are about 6 different battle mods each offering something unique and thrilling.

  • Blade and Soul

This game allows players to have fun with Martial arts and Qinggong in a virtual environment. There are various quests and the players are allowed to explore a very vast territory. There is a third-person camera view with real-time battles. The battles can be either in players vs player or the player vs environment modes based on the preference of the players.

The characters of the game are highly customizable. You can choose their race, outfits, fighting styles, and other features based on your liking.

  • Lord of the Rings

This amazing RPG depicts the world of Lord of The Rings pretty accurately in every way. There is a wide range of characters to choose from, a great territory to explore, and various quests where players have to survive in the magical land fighting creatures like orcs and other dark soldiers.

This game lets you play as a wizard, elf, hobbit, and dwarf and each of these has something unique and interesting to offer. Play this free MMORPG game and we assure you will have so much fun playing with these familiar characters and being a part of this mystical universe.

  • World of Warcraft

This game can be played in two modes. Normal mode where players only have to battle certain monsters and a roleplaying mode where there are several quests to complete and the players have to fight for their survival for as long as they can.

The characters’ designs are based on the storyline and different realms or modes of the game. The variety of characters, the detailed visual effects, and awesome background sounds make this game an ideal MMORPG.

  • Eve Online

This game resembles very much the third-person shooters and has great weapons and customizable characters similar to Poe ascendancy classes. There are many cool gameplay types such as castle battles, siege events, and trading of weapons and other stuff.

The game has very detailed visual effects including weather factors that directly influence the gameplay. This fantasy MMORP has everything you need in this sort of game and we are certain you will love this game for its attention to detail and immaculate backstory.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most popular and trending MMORPGs that you need to try out right now if you love this genre. Most of these games have received very high user ratings and their gameplays are really great. We really believe that you will find these games fun and exciting if you gave these a try.

So, check out these cool games on webaccess for the best experience and have lots of fun for hours on end.


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