7 games and activities that are useful in teaching poetry to kids


Learning is an art. Every day we learn something new and wonder why we were not aware of this particular thing before. There is no age for learning any new skill. But there is a difference between learning something and making someone learn. I would like to talk about teaching something to kids. Kids are always the best learners. They have a questioning mind about everything they notice.

Poetry writing is taught in every school to kids. Many kids find it boring and many find it interesting. But it is very important to teach a kid in a way that he does not feel burdened. We are here to tell you about the fun games and activities through which you can teach kids poetry writing.

Paper bag poetry:

What comes to your mind when you think about a poetry bag? Maybe a bag in which you will be able to find pieces of poetry. Maybe a bag that is fully covered with poetry. These two are the basic ideas that hit a person’s mind when they think about a poetry bag. But it’s not the case in reality. A poetry bag consists of several chits and each chit has a word written on it. The kids have to pick a chit from the poetry bag and then have to write a short poem about whatever comes to their mind after reading that word.


This is a very common yet unique method of teaching poetry to beginners. Kids get fascinated by unique ideas. Teaching poetry is an art and all of us know art should be taught in a way that’s not boring. Acrostics are a mind engaging activity. A word is selected and then kids are asked to write a line with each letter of the word. At first, the lines won’t rhyme with each other but slowly and gradually kids will learn how to rhyme the lines and write a good piece of poetry. Acrostics is comparatively an easy technique because the person knows where to start and end his poetry.

Concrete Poems:

This is a kind of activity that involves two interests: art and writing. Kids have to put both their writing and art skills to produce a masterpiece called a concrete poem. A subject is given to the kids, and then they are asked to write a short poem about it. Once they are done writing, they are asked to select a shape or object that will relate to their poetry. After that, they are asked to craft their poetry into the shape they selected. For example, if a person wrote a poem on the topic “spring” then of course the object he would select will be a flower, and he will craft his poetry into the shape of the flower.

Poetry Dice:

This might seem to be a complex one but trust me it’s the most fun and easy activity. In this activity, the fate of a poem is decided by dice. Two dice should be purchased from any store. Make sure that the size of both the dice is big. Write a dependent clause on one dice and an independent clause on the second one. Roll it, now whatever phrase comes on the dice it gets added to the poetry. Roll the dice for the kids you are teaching to and enjoy.

Sticky notes:

This is a cute and decent idea to attract the kids towards learning and writing poetry. You should purchase a few pads of sticky notes. You can purchase sticky notes in different colors as this will engage the kids more in this activity. Take a few pages from sticky note pad and ask for words from the kids and let them write the words on the sticky notes. Then let them pick a word and ask them to write a piece of poetry about it. Kids will feel more engaged in this whole thing because of the freedom you gave them to select the word.

Poetry reading in a different way:

People think that the topic about which the text is written decides what kind of writing piece it is. Like is it a sad done or a happy one? But what I think and most people would agree with me is that the way you read out the text decides the vibe of that writing piece. A kid who’s taught creatively takes more interest. Poetry should be read differently like either with silly voices or dramatic tones. Any piece of poetry that might seem boring to the kids will start appearing interesting to them because of the way it is read in front of them. This will help them in learning poetry writing more quickly.

A poem in the pocket:

This activity attracts kids like no other thing. For this activity, choose a soft board in your class or the corridor and pin some pockets there. You can either purchase the pockets or can make one on your own. Then ask the children to put their favorite poem there. This will create an interest in reading poems. The kids who are poetry lovers will get more exposure to poems. This will also help in exchanging the knowledge and interests of kids with each other.


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