9 Video Marketing Hurdles: Challenges & Remedies


According to Google research, over 55% of customers rely on videos when it comes to making purchase decisions, and marketers get more than 66% qualified leads annually through video marketing. As of today, video marketing is the holistic approach to shaping the future of sales, marketing and customer service.

Although video marketing has revolutionised how businesses connect with potential customers, there are a few challenges that assignment help companies are likely to encounter. In the following paragraphs, we will identify nine such hurdles along with possible remedies to overcome them.  

9 Video Marketing Hurdles: Challenges & Remedies

9 Common Video Marketing Errors and How to Overcome Them

#Mistake 1: No clear objective:

It might sound generic, but before creating a video, you must identify its purpose, what you are trying to achieve from it. Your job doesn’t end with “let’s get a video for our product.” No!

Solution: Don’t merely make a video because you have to. Instead, carefully identify your goal and make that your prime objective. Try to answer:

  • What do you want from it?
  • Is it relevant to your marketing strategy?
  • How will the video increase conversion rates?
  • Will the video serve the purpose?

Once your objective is ready, your path to getting there will get more precise.

#Mistake 2: Poor planning:

Like any other forms of marketing, you need proper planning and strategies to reach your target audience. Every video platform has its guidelines. For instance, if you are planning to promote your video content on TV, keep in mind to keep it short and high-quality.

Solution: While planning your video marketing strategy, make sure you plan out how you would market it. Build a simple system to reach your target audience and make sure to execute them. Don’t forget about budget planning of the same.

#Mistake 3: Not customer-centric content:

Many businesses create engaging videos that they believe the customers would like to watch.  A compelling headline isn’t enough to grab your customer’s attention. Give them something that they can relate to. Focusing excessively on the features and using boring footages will do no good.

Solution: Before you create videos, make sure you know the interests of your target audience. Conduct research, create polls, organise Q&A sessions to understand the needs and problems of the customers. Use the gathered information to fill the gaps and create creative concepts tailored to appeal the targeted customers.

#Mistake 4: Cramming too many information:

A lot many video makers tend to make videos that customers find overbearing and confusing. Adding multiple messages won’t create a clear vision and fail to communicate the necessary information to the audience.

Solution: Focus on creating short and fun videos for your target audience. Please make a note of the messages you want to portray in your video and boil it down to one or two vital ones. If you have too much to share, cut it into multiple clips with a single message in each.  

#Mistake 5: No creative approach:

Talking from a student’s perspective, a lot of students seek International human rights assignment help despite having all the resources. Why so? It is because they don’t know the ideal way to go about the task. Likewise, you may have the idea, message, and your target audience ready, but you need the right creativity to support your message.

Solution: If your idea is ready, don’t straight away jump to production. Brainstorm ideas for a creative concept. Use this phase wisely to align all parts of your videos correctly.

#Mistake 6: No Call-to-Action:

If you have reached the target audience, you would want them to do something after watching the video. Without a CTA, most customers won’t know of the further actions.

Solution: Always remember to include a CTA to achieve the primary objective of the video. It could be anything such as – like and share, filling a form or clicking on a link leading to the landing page.

#Mistake 7: Too much focus on sales:

Too many business owners jump straight to the point and start with the sales pitch, without telling the customers why they should trust the product.

Solution: Don’t go sales-person mode and tell them why they should buy your product. Instead, show them how it can add value to their lives. Find ways to inspire or entertain them if you want to get the results you are looking for. 

#Mistake 8: Not enough brand awareness:

We all remember a few commercials from our childhoods which were fun to watch with catchy punch lines and colourful clips. However, when it comes to branding, we are sure that not many of us can remember the brands behind the ads.

Solution: Make sure to brand your video with your company logo and official website URL so that the customers can go back and do their research for making a purchase decision.

#Mistake 9: No effective marketing tactics:

If you think just by adding a video, you will get traffic; you are sadly mistaken. Use various marketing strategies to bring your customer to you. Such as:

  • Paid ads
  • SEO
  • Sharing it on multiple social media platforms
  • Blog post
  • Email newsletter

Solution: Consult a professional marketing company to learn how your company can overcome video marketing challenges.

All in all, you need to put your best foot forward to achieve your video marketing objectives. Just like how students sign up with online experts for online assignment help to tackle academic woes, you too must identify the adversities coming in your path to success and implement the right tactic to resolve them.


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