Beautiful Flowers That You Can Gift To Your Partner On Their Birthday

Beautiful Flowers That You Can Gift To Your Partner On Their Birthday

Flowers are one of the best gifts that you can give to someone, irrespective of the age, gender, or bond you share with them. Flowers are the symbols of love, unity, peace, innocence, beauty, and what not! It can be in the form of a single flower or the form of an entire bouquet. Trust me on this, when you will gift it to someone especially somebody close to you, they will be delighted and feel special.

Flowers play an integral part in celebrations, whether it is a festival, an anniversary celebration, or a birthday celebration. It can be used for decorations, as ornamentals, or as gifts. So, if you are planning to gift flowers to your loved ones on their birthday, go ahead. Especially, if you are planning to gift it to your partner on his or her birthday, don’t hesitate. Decorate the flowers with different gorgeous materials to add more to the beauty of the flowers.

Even if you are not planning to gift flowers, but planning on something very expensive or different, try at least one flower in that list. It can be his or her favorite flower.

So, here’s a list of some beautiful flowers that fit perfectly in the definition of birthday gifts for your partner-


Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) is an exquisite group of flowers, occurring in a wide range of colors. These are generally late-spring bloomers and can extend till the summer months for some varieties too.  So, if your partner’s birthday falls in between the spring and summer seasons, you know which flower to choose as a gift!

Since you are planning this for your partner, you can choose colors like different shades of red or pink. It would symbolize love, passion, sweetness, and fascination. If you both are residents of Hyderabad and are in a long-distance relationship with one another, you don’t have to worry about that. Flower delivery in chandigarh is available so that you can directly send it to him or her at the doorstep.


Lily (genus Lilium) is another kind of flower which fits well for a birthday gift for your partner.  Lilies symbolize purity. So if you are gifting lilies to your partner on their birthday, it will signify that- you are reminding him or her about the purity of their soul and the purity of the bond that you both share. So, why wait?


Orchids (Orchidaceae) are some exotic groups of colorful and beautifully fragrant flowers. They have a wide range of varieties. So, you can pick any from their wide varieties, and send it as a gift to your partner. He or she will be very happy to receive it and will appreciate your efforts to send them such a beautiful present. If you both are residents of Patna, then you can easily send orchids to your partner by the convenience of ordering flowers online.


Rose (genus Rosa) as we know, is the signature flower of love, passion, beauty, and innocence, with each of the colors signifying some specific importance. Also, roses are widely available flowers all across the world so it won’t be a problem to send or gift them to your partner. Also, some roses are scented while some aren’t. So, when you are choosing for your partner, make sure to choose the scented ones. Also, for a bouquet, you can choose to mix and match different colored roses together.

Transvaal daisy

Transvaal daisy (genus Gerbera) is a type of daisy that occurs in a wide range of colors from red, pink, yellow, to orange. Also, these flowers bloom for a relatively long season, and they need plenty of exposure to the sun. So, if you are gifting it to your partner, instruct them to keep it in sufficient sunlight for their durability. During this pandemic even if you both can’t meet and celebrate together, you can get the flowers delivered to your partner’s doorstep.

If you both are residents of Lucknow, you have an added advantage. Flower delivery in Lucknow is available now to fulfill your wishes. You can easily avail of the delivery services at a nominal rate and surprise your partner.

So, why wait anymore? You have got a list of beautiful flowers to choose from for your partner. Make your partner’s birthday a memorable one even if you can’t meet him or her in person. You can also embed a personalized birthday note and card with the bouquet or the flower with some chocolates to make the gift even more special.


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