Best way to display grocery in a super market


The current situation on the planet makes even more relevant the need to provide safe food to all people and that it can be available in all places where it is needed. Right now, that should be the main purpose of the food and beverage industry.

In order to cope with the situation we live in, it is necessary to offer solutions to consumers so that they have constant access to safe food and drinks for their daily consumption. This is possible thanks to processing, packaging and packaging technologies that guarantee the safety, preservation and quality of food.

Food Safety and Quality

Consumers, as well as distributors, vendors and retailers, rightly expect food to be safe. For brands, this means having full control of production, from the raw material supply stage to the display of products on the shelves of retail stores.

The consumer expects food to retain flavor, color, texture, and nutritional value. Find natural foods, free of preservatives and preservatives, guarantee better nutrition, maintaining high quality. There are special boxes which are utilized to protect the quality of food and preserve them for a long lasting time.


Boxes are key to keeping food safe and secure. Aseptic processing systems at advanced packaging companies allow food products to be safely packaged, distributed and stored at room temperature, with a typical shelf life of 6-12 months. Many brands make use of Custom 123 bottom boxes for food preservation in an ideal way. Packaging technology allows food and beverages to be distributed and stored without refrigeration or preservatives for many months. Thanks to its aluminum layer, the passage of oxygen, light and microorganisms is avoided, while its two layers of polyethylene prevent any contact of the food with the internal materials of the container.

Ways to Present Products and enhance sales

Having the best product or service in the world is not enough; you also have to know how to sell it. We’ve gathered tips from various experts on how to do it.

Best way to display grocery in a super market

Make it known

The first thing to do is to effectively promote the new product or service, as it just won’t sell. To do this, you need to be persuasive, use elaborate arguments, and be transparent at all times.

Don’t be arrogant

Never lose confidence in yourself and in the product or service you are trying to sell. But you don’t have to be arrogant with your customers either, something that would inevitably drive them away.

Get customers right

Our offer must be directed to the people who may really be interested. Market research and audience segmentation can be of great help.

Know the sector

There are people who are launched to sell products of a sector that they do not know, which usually leads to the most absolute failure. To avoid this, we must first study the industry in which we want to enter. This will give greater security and help sales.

Differentiate the product

Selling or launching a new product is difficult, due to the large number of competitors and the variety of existing offers. Therefore, our product must have some characteristic that makes it really different from the rest of the competition.

Don’t spam

Any help is little. It will be necessary to study the best formula to use the new technological tools and social networks to promote the products, although it will also be necessary to be careful not to harass too much. Heaviness or overabundance of information is not good.

Be honest Do not lie or hide information from the customer

It is not about cheating but about influencing the advantages of a product or service and highlighting what makes it different. This will be enough to get the public’s attention.

The sales network

If you already have an established distribution channel, it can be used to offer the new product to customers or intermediary businesses that are part of that channel. You can also search for sellers who have a client portfolio of similar or complementary products to which we want to market. Another formula is to hire vendors who come out to offer our products to consumers or other intermediary businesses. And, of course, you have to place our offer on the internet, both on our page and on others where it can be promoted.

Improve the product

If after all the attempts we cannot start sales, it will be time for reflection. We must study again its characteristics and the public’s attitude towards them. And then just improve it. Custom 123 bottom boxes can also be used to make the products look attractive. Also, you can easily create a lasting impact on the customers if the packaging is up to the mark.


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