Best Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning repair

Keeping your domestic air conditioning unit up to date and well maintained and serviced will not only help you in saving money on energy or electricity power but also work great for the air conditioners overall life span, while actually helping you save money on costly repairs or replacements earlier than expected. Air conditioning companies and their experts always try to emphasise how important it is to take regular care of your domestic air conditioning unit so that you can get the most out of it while operating it at its highest efficiency with very minimal repairs. Let us take a look at some ways you can do that.

  1. Shut off the power when not in use: Many people have the habit of keeping the power switch on even when the air conditioner is not being utilised. But it is really essential to completely turn off the air conditioner and keep the switches off when it is not being used. You will also find ways to completely shut off the air conditioner from the main point, which is usually located near the exterior condenser or compressor. This is basically an exterior shut-off box that is located around the exterior unit of your air conditioning unit. In case you are not going to use it for a longer period of time when you are not present around, it is advisable that you switch it off.
  2. Remove any dust or debris: The exterior unit of the air conditioning system always collects more dust particles and debris because it is situated outside in the open. So when you are cleaning the indoor unit, make sure you also check the compressor, remove the fan cage, and get rid of any dust or debris. You can remove the screws easily using a screwdriver and open the cage from the top It is easy to clean by hand, or with a dry or vet vacuum  If you are not too sure about how to do it on your own, you can get help from an air conditioning repair service around your city or town.
  3. Cleaning the fins as well: With the help of a garden hose, you can gently spray the fins from the outside to get rid of built-up debris or dust. Do not use anything that is too hard or heavy on the fins, or they might get damaged. If you enquire with an air conditioning contractor or for someone offering air conditioning repair in London, they might be able to suggest you products that will be light and effective on the fins. If the fins are even slightly bent, that might affect the efficiency of the air conditioner, so you must be careful and straighten out the fins that are bent.
  4. Cleaning the area around the unit: It is important that the space around the compressor is not cluttered or filled with debris, dead leaves, or plants blocking the airway. This can damage the exterior system, so you need at least 2 feet distance between the compressor and any things around it. Any company offering air conditioning London or any air conditioning companies for that matter will suggest the same thing for placing the compressor or the exterior unit in a place where it is not being blocked in any way.
  5. Changing filters: The filter in your domestic air conditioning unit must be changed at least twice a year, especially before the start of summers. This is even more important if you live in a place where the unit can gather too much dust over a little period of time. The filter enclosure is easy to locate and you can open it with a screwdriver. But it is definitely better if you allow an air conditioning contractor or an air conditioning repair service to take over the replacement of the filters. But you must notify them at the right time and they can take care of it for you.
  6. Cleaning the coils and ducts: The indoor unit needs almost a similar kind of cleaning. The little filters in the unit, along with the coils and ducts need regular cleaning. The coils and ducts are especially prone to gathering more dust and it can form a layer because of the moisture. You must choose the right kind of products and the right people who offer good air conditioning repair London. Letting professionals take care of the coils and ducts is much better.

Take away

It is important to keep a check on your domestic air conditioner unit regularly to get the most out of it. Even the best domestic air conditioner needs regular check-ups and services to work efficiently. Air conditioning companies have their experts offering this kind of service on a regular basis, if that option is not available to you, you can get in touch with an air conditioning contractor and they will be able to help you.


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