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If you are a Lithuanian citizen, you may have heard of the difficulties that emigrants faced in the country. Perhaps you even have a Lithuanian ancestor who was a citizen three generations ago. If so, you may qualify to apply for a Lithuanian passport. A Lithuanian passport allows you to travel to more than 30 countries.

Your ancestors left Lithuania in search of a better life

The best way to obtain Lithuanian citizenship is to prove that your ancestors were born in Lithuania. To do this, you will need to prove the citizenship of each of your ancestors – parent, grandparent, great-grandparent – and provide proof of your relationship to them. However, getting these documents can be difficult because of the time period during which Lithuania was a Soviet republic. Consequently, you may need the help of a lawyer or professional genealogical services firm.

The process to obtain citizenship by descent from Lithuania can take about 1.5 years. In general, the process is straightforward, but you should make sure to have proof of your Lithuanian ancestry. Typically, it takes about three to four generations to prove your Lithuanian ancestry. However, in some cases, the process can take much longer.

You can get Lithuanian citizenship if you have an ancestor that had Lithuanian citizenship three generations back

If you have a Lithuanian ancestor who had Lithuanian citizenship three generations ago, you can apply for citizenship. To apply for Lithuanian citizenship, you will need a birth certificate or baptism document to prove your Lithuanian ethnicity. You will also need to submit a proof of service to the Lithuanian state, as well as a personal certificate proving your ancestors’ Lithuanian citizenship.

Your ancestor must have lived and worked in Lithuania at one point in history. In order to apply for Lithuanian citizenship, you need to prove that your ancestor held Lithuanian citizenship before the 11 March 1990 Lithuanian revolution. In addition, you must be able to show that your ancestor left the country because of extenuating circumstances.

You can travel to more than 30 countries with a Lithuanian passport

If you have a Lithuanian passport, you’ll have no trouble traveling to other countries for business or pleasure. Whether you want to open a company in Europe or expand your existing business in the United States, a Lithuanian passport is a good option. The country is part of the European Union and the Schengen agreement, meaning your passport and business card are fully recognized in those countries. In addition, the passport has the advantage of being visa free, which allows you to enter the Schengen zone freely.

If you hold a Lithuanian passport, you can travel to more than 30 countries without a visa. The country’s passport power rankings make it one of the top 30 countries for visa-free travel. Its visa-free score is 182, making it one of the most advantageous options when you want to do business or visit family and friends.

You must share your arrival date and ticket details with other applicants

For CANADA VISA FOR LITHUANIAN CITIZENS, they need to have a valid passport or travel document. This document must have at least three months validity beyond the planned date of departure. For travelers with additional nationalities, it is necessary to apply for a Canada eTA. This electronic document is linked to the passport mentioned during the application process. As a result, you won’t need to print documents at the airport or wait in line.

Once you have all these documents, you must submit your application to the nearest service center. It should include all your required documents and fees. If you are not sure if your documents are complete, you can call the customer support center and ask for assistance. Make sure to include the details of your previous visas, your round-trip flight itinerary, and your traveler’s information. For those traveling by car, you must also present a car registration number and insurance, as well as your driver’s license.

You must comply with the same entry requirements as other applicants

Before you can apply for a BUSINESS VISA FOR CANADA for Lithuanians, you must first ensure that you have a valid travel document and passport. Your passport must be valid at least three months beyond the date of your departure. You must also check that the date on your passport matches the date you wish to leave Canada. Then, complete the online application form for your Lithuanian visa. Then, pay the required fees. Afterwards, you will receive your Visa by email.

If you hold a passport that was issued within the past 10 years, you may be exempted from the visa requirement. However, if you are visiting family members, it is advisable to have a valid travel document. You must also carry a valid return or onward air ticket, as well as a vaccination certificate.


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