Cameo Is Expanding To the UK: Celebrity Shout-Outs Are On-Demand Worldwide


Personalization is always good, right? Be it birthday wishes or greeting cards, a personalized touch is sure to have an ever-lasting impact on someone. What if celebrities can send personalized shout-out videos to their fans on request? Well, apps like Cameo, CelebVM, etc., are doing precisely that, and are growing in popularity and revenue. From Snoop Dogg to Caitlyn Jenner, followers can request videos by paying the fee and brag about it on their social media handles.

After taking on the US audience by storm, the celebrity video-sharing app Cameo is all set to expand to the UK. With COVID-19 restricting people to their doorsteps, celebrities and followers have time to kill. These platforms pave the way for a win-win situation here. Followers demand shout-outs from their favorite stars after paying the necessary fee. Celebrities shoot videos from their smartphones, send it to the followers, and in the process of doing so, and earn money!

What are the celebrity shout-out apps? Is investing in one such platform a safe option? What do apps like Cameo do to reach out to a wider audience? These are some fundamental questions that arise from an entrepreneur’s perspective. Are you an entrepreneur who aspires to launch an app like Cameo? Read more to explore how to establish one.

Cameo – An overview

If you’re hesitant to initiate your celebrity video-sharing app development, remember that Cameo has, until now, raised $65 million in funding and features thousands of stars, including Billy Zane, Tori Spelling, etc. Launched in 2017, Cameo is essentially a ‘marketplace’ where followers get to interact with popular celebrities and demand personalized sessions or shout-out videos.

Cameo’s pricing structure is effective, taking a 25% cut from every follower’s payment. Numerous celebrities demand varied prices, ranging between $15 – $3000 per video.

According to the analytics firm, Pitchbook, Cameo’s market valuation has increased sevenfold, with an estimated $300 million valuation. With Cameo expanding across the UK, these numbers will grow exponentially, and the market will welcome new players to compete with Cameo comprehensively.

Building an app like Cameo

One notable aspect of the online medium is that there is always room for improvement. Cameo is already competing with players like CelebVM, Greetzly, Starsona, etc. Leveraging the idea and launching a modified version of Cameo can turn the wind towards an entrepreneur’s business.

Speaking of app development, there are numerous to build an app nowadays. The conventional way is to approach app development companies, tell them what you need, and initiate development from the ground.

Then came the bypass route. Approaching freelance developers to build an app. While this method is convenient, an entrepreneur has to take matters into his/her own hands. As a result, businesspersons with small-scale projects settle for this technique.

And as technologies advanced, there came a jackpot. A way for entrepreneurs even with no technical background and restricted budget to build an app – clone app solutions. As an entrepreneur, all you need is ideas and USPs to set you apart from the rest of the lot. Reach out to a clone app development company, customize/upgrade their Cameo clone app, and launch it right away.

Go the extra mile to stand apart!

Cameo’s numbers are enormous, and one needs to be extraordinary to captivate the audience to shift from the existing app to your app. And how does one achieve that? Uniqueness can be achieved in numerous ways. But the predominant USPs can be achieved via features. Features create a visual appeal, luring the audience towards the site. So, what are the features worth-considering in your premium celebrity video messaging app?

• One-on-one video streaming: Besides video shout-outs, let followers have personalized sessions with their favorite celebrities. An authentic fan experience on the one end leads to unrestricted revenue on the other!

• Detailed celebrity profiles: There are numerous ways to get disappointed but paying for celebrities and expecting a low-quality video isn’t definitely one. Hence, enable celebrities to build their profiles and post sample videos for followers’ display. This way, users can make informed decisions before requesting shout-outs or sessions.

• Discover celebrities: An in-built social media add-on will enhance your engagement rates significantly. Followers can post their shout-out videos on their wall and control its visibility accordingly. This way, new followers can access the discover feature to know more about the type of celebrities available on the platform, communicate with fellow followers, etc.

• In-app chat/call: Enabling communication among followers and between followers & celebrities can be ideal for cementing your position when it comes to customer engagement. In fact, you can monetize this chat facility as well. With PPV messaging, celebrities can earn a consistent income, restricting a huge chunk of spam messages.

• Multi-lingual support: Language shouldn’t be a barrier to restrict customers from reaching out to their favorite celebrities. Having a multi-lingual support feature will enable you to gain a global presence while satisfying the local audience in letting them access the app in their preferred language.

Have an eye on these three crucial aspects

• Have a user-friendly design: It is quite apparent that followers approach your platform to engage with celebrities and not study rocket science. Hence, make your platform simple, user-friendly, and intuitive. This way, even first-time users will find it easy to navigate.

• Integrate Multiple Payment options: Followers demand multiple payment options nowadays. Hence, integrate multiple gateways, including credit/debit cards, net banking, digital wallets, in-app wallet, etc.

• Encrypt your back-end: Data thefts & cyber-attacks are becoming common in today’s world. Do not fall prey to hackers and lose the trust of customers. Encrypt your back-end servers and databases to secure user and celebrity details.


The market for apps like Cameo is still in its nascent stages, and celebrities are pushed to a state where engagement with followers becomes the utmost necessity to stay with the current trends. Capitalize on this demanding situation, and develop an app like Cameo right away. All you need is a Cameo clone app, few ground-breaking USPs, attractive features, and an unparalleled app experience. Initiate your app development today!



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