Should You Be Worried About Circumcision Surgery Complications?

Circumcision Surgery

Complications and surgery are two sides of the same coin because whenever you are having surgery; minor complications can develop. But you shouldn’t be worried about them because they go away after the surgery especially Circumcision Surgery.

What Circumcision Surgery Complications You Can Face?

The main purpose of telling about these complications is not to scare you off but keep the patients informed of the issues they have to look out for. If you want to have the surgery for any reason at all then keep in mind the following complications that can occur.

Sexual Sensitivity Is Reduced

This is a side effect or post-surgery complication that has been under debate since other benefits apart from the medical ones have been discovered. Some patients have reported that the sensitivity has decreased but others have said that they enjoyed more.

Narrowing Of Urethra

The opening of the tube that helps the passing of the urine at the tip of the penis can narrow making urination difficult. This complication is very less likely to occur because the surgical instruments used for the Circumcision Surgery procedure are carefully adjusted on the penis.

Damage To Head Of Penis

In the normal surgical process, the surgical knife is used to remove the foreskin. If the surgeon is not trained then damage to the head of the penis can be a possibility. Or in fact, any part of the penis is hurt.

Blood Poisoning And Infection

This is one of the rarest complications that the patient faces when the infection from outside the body reaches the blood. The surgeons at different medical facilities like Circumcision Center make sure that the wound is cleaned thoroughly.

Infection Around The Penis

If the circumcision wound has yellowish swelling around the wound then it is an indication that there is an infection. Most of the time the infection goes away after a few days but seriousness can increase if it remains there even after 5 to 6 days.

Visible Scars On The Penis

The real color of the skin underneath the upper layer is pink. When people are circumcised the real color of the skin is revealed and men consider it as a scar. But the actual scar refers to as a bump on the skin.

Extreme Loss Of Blood

If you see no blood in a normal surgery whether it is in the quantity of a coin then it is very unusual. In the initial circumcision healing stages, bleeding is normal. But the increase in quantity and duration is something that has to be considered.

The Wrong Length Of Foreskin Removed

At times surgeons because of their inexperience and lack of skills cut the wrong length of the foreskin. This can be very bad because it looks unaesthetic. The best solution for this problem is revision circumcision surgery.

Healing Process Takes Longer

All patients can start living a normal life after 3 to 4 weeks of surgery. But if the healing time is taking longer; consult the surgeon immediately to look for the problem.

Are These Complications Something To Be Worried About?

It is very less likely that the Circumcision Surgery complications mentioned above increase in intensity. You don’t have to worry about these complications only if you are following the instructions of the surgeons in the right way.


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