Common Roles Filled by a Domestic Staffing Agency

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It seems as though our lives are busier than ever. It’s no surprise, then, that services such as nannies, housekeepers, estate managers and chauffeurs are in high demand. If you need someone to help around your home, look no further than a professional domestic staffing agency Los Angeles and don’t forget the proper background screening division.

While we have gathered a few of the most popular domestic roles here, keep in mind that there are many more that can be filled by a staffing agency.

Nannies and Baby Nurses

Many parents, especially those who work full time, struggle to find quality childcare. If you prefer a personalized care experience, a nanny may be the ideal solution. These employees are hired by the family and usually provide their services in the comfort of your home. In addition to feeding and entertaining the children, nannies can also assist with household tasks such as laundry, dusting and organizing.

Baby nurses are nannies that specialize in baby care, such as making bottles, swaddling and changing diapers.

Senior Companions

Older adults who live alone may benefit from a senior companion. These employees will help with grooming, bathing, grocery shopping, cleaning and other household chores. A senior companion can help an aging individual retain his or her independence, while still receiving help with challenging daily tasks.


A chauffeur is tasked with driving someone safely from place to place. Some have personal security training, which can be beneficial if they are transporting a high-profile individual. Chauffeurs are also responsible for maintaining the appearance of the vehicle’s interior and exterior.

Personal Chef

These domestic workers prepare meals for a household. Many families hire a personal chef to create healthy meals regularly that still taste delicious. Whether the meal is cooked in the employer’s home or brought in from a chef’s kitchen, it should be prepared with care and to the client’s specifications. 

Domestic employees can help a busy household run smoothly. From chefs to chauffeurs, a staffing agency should be able to connect you with the right employee.


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