Comparing Private Security Guard Cost With CCTV Cameras

private security guard cost

If you are looking for the right and affordable security solution for your property or an event. Then you need to analyse the private security guard cost and the CCTV camera security costs. You will find the answer to your questions. No doubt, security is very important for residential and commercial properties. More importantly, special occasions and events require high security when people are gathering at one place to celebrate the day.

Most of the people prefer to hire the security guards on the special events and occasions on a special gathering. Whereas, the security cameras are very common for the security of homes, offices, and shops, etc. but the question is that which one is more effective and affordable? To answer this question we have discussed some important factors that would help you to determine the best security measure for your property or another purpose.

When we think about the security measures for something like property, people, family, or a gathering. We also need to determine the cost needed for this. Hence the private security providers such as “UGS Security” give a proper budget of the security services.

Private security guard cost

A private security guard is one that comes to your place to protect you, your family, your property, your event, or something else belongs to you. It offers professional security services on hire by the security providing companies. You will see several companies offering armed and unarmed private security guards. If you think you need a security guard for a permanent basis for your home or office security. You need to choose one of the armed and unarmed security guards. Because both have different charges of security services.

Comparing Private Security Guard Cost With CCTV Cameras

You can see the available packages of the security guard hire fees for a monthly and annual basis. Mostly the security providers charge $1200 to $1500 USD for a monthly basis security guard hire services if you need it for normal security of your home or office or another property. Whereas, the temporary hiring cost of the security guards usually remain within $50 to $100 USD especially when emergency security is needed somewhere.

Why private security guard hire services?

There are people who might be thinking about the high prices of private security guards. But this is not the only thing to think about. You need to focus on the benefits of their services that you enjoy on this duration. If you hire a professional armed or unarmed security guard on monthly basis for your property security. The chances of any criminal act, the threat of getting killed, or the robbery gets reduced manifolds. This is because no one tries to attempt such acts when someone is there with a weapon watching around the criminals and thieves.

What is more about the private security guards?

If you think you can meet your security needs using the CCTV cameras only. Then you need to change your mind especially when you need security for your large business or industrial property. Because the robbers and criminals don’t get afraid of the CCTV cameras. They can use masks to hide their identities and finish their attack or robbery before the police or security reaches your property. Therefore, the private security guards are the right options for you that remain alert all the time. In case you need security to ensure the safety of an event or a public gathering. You can hire reliable and professional security guards instead of only relying on CCTV camera security. It will ensure the safety of the event or the function that you want to finish safe and sound without any problem.


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