Complete Black Friday Sales Strategy Guide for Food Business

Complete Black Friday Sales Strategy Guide for Food Business

Black Friday is approaching, and with that, you can make sure that there would be tons of new customers and plenty of orders to fulfill the demands of your customers. Food and Beverage Packaging is your perfect companion through this time. You have to devise the right strategy for this big occasion if you are looking to make a fortune out of it. 

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a casual name for the Friday that follows Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which is generally celebrated on the last Thursday of November. Although the term Black Friday did not become extensively used until more recent times. Many retail stores offer highly encouraging sales on this occasion and open very early. Some may even start their sales on Thanksgiving. It is not an official holiday, but many people generally take a day off to make most of these sales. 

Let us take a look at what strategies should you adopt in you run a food business.

1. Start Preparations Early

It may seem like a strange idea to start early for your preparation for Black Friday when it begins at the end of November. But, the sooner you start preparation, the more you will thank yourself when the time arrives. You may want to start considering the strategy you are going to use for your Food Packaging and the products or facilities you are going to encourage. The more verdicts you can make now, the more time you would have to make tweaks before the big event. The first thing you’ would want to do is pick the right strategy for your Black Friday promotion. Various strategies will work better for different businesses, so take a good look at the suggestions below to see what you could do with your Custom Food Boxes this Black Friday.

2. Promote only Selective Products

After devising the perfect strategy and ordering Custom Food Boxes Wholesale to cater to your customer demands, the next thing you would want is to choose the right products. It is not feasible for small businesses to propose huge discounts on pretty much all of their goods. While some retailers may be willing to take some loss during Black Friday so that they can get new customers that will be more advantageous in the long term. Instead, you must be very careful with the foods you promote, pinpointing a handful that you will run offers on.

3. Mix it Up

Following on from the earlier tip, another great way to implement this perfect strategy is by introducing a different product or deal each day. Make each day of the week noticeably different this will keep your customers approaching back for more to find out what the next deal is about. To do this, you will need to plan out your entire schedule beforehand and decide on the order your products will feature one by one. One important thing here is to start and finish with your best products to create the most influence.

4. Upsell your Bestsellers

Making the most out of your best-selling products is a perfect strategy to implement at any time all year, but it is also known to work particularly well for Black Friday too. Identify the most widespread food item by running a local survey. Yes, a local survey! Remember, you have to start preparing early? It is a part of it. Collect valuable data and then when the time comes, based on your customer feedback, present them good discounts on your best-selling items and even use Special Packaging for them in case they opt for a takeaway.

5. Offer Freebies

Offering gifts is pretty much the opposite of up-selling. It is yet another way of providing some added value to your consumers, but this time, you propose the add-on for free instead. Just the tag of free will make sure that the customer is attracted to the offer. If you go with this particular strategy, you should stick with your usual product pricing but throw Macaron Boxes inside to make the deal even more tempting. It may not be quite the same as some bigger retailers offer like, 30% off, Michael tell it is a nice encouragement that can upsurge conversions for businesses on a tight budget.

6. Provide Email Subscribers Extra Discount

Getting Email subscribers can be hard nowadays, so you should see this event as the perfect opportunity to gain some audience. Before the arrival of the big event itself, start posting on various social media accounts that customers who have email subscriptions will be getting tokens of another 5 to 10% off of their orders. This will make sure that people subscribe to your email newsletter, and you can use this to your advantage for future purposes.

7. Reward your Loyal Customers

While Black Friday is perfect for getting new customers, it is also the impeccable chance to reward your loyal customers for supporting your small business. According to recent studies, it generally costs five times more to attract new customers as it does to retain current ones. Not only does satisfying customer faithfulness show your extreme appreciation, but it also brings you direct income. The best method to do this is through an email marketing campaign that you will only send to customers that have bought from you before. Within this email, put a discount code that is exclusive to them this Black Friday, with an appealing copy thanking them for supporting you. This will make sure that they feel highly valued and will inspire them to come back to your restaurant even more.

8. Choose the right Graphics

This is what most people consider the fun part, and so should you! Designing your web posters and Holiday Packaging is crucial to your success. Changing your web banner is one of the best ways to let your audience know about Black Friday on your homepage, as this is the very first thing that your customers see. Apart from the online world, you should also work on your Custom Printed Boxes design and should print the right messages on them too! Just like Christmas Food Boxes, you want your graphics to be audacious and eye-catching to inspire your customers to opt for the deal.

Food and Beverage Packaging are not just some mere plain boxes anymore. They are much more than that, only if you know how to use them effectively. This Black Friday, opt for the perfect strategies and then plan your sales accordingly. Follow the tips above and provide your customers with the best experience to add them to your loyal army.


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