Countertop Display – 6 Highly Successful ideas and Strategies

Cardboard Countertop Display Boxes
Cardboard Countertop Display Boxes

Retail stores provide a massive platform for displaying the product in different ways. The retailers help in placing the products in the market and getting customers to buy the product. It is more difficult to introduce your product to customers individually than in a store. However, the competition is high because of multiple brands product selling similar things besides your product. But at least your product has something to get a comparison. This helps the customers to choose the best ones. Now it is your turn to make an appealing product and its packaging to influence buyer’s decisions in your favor.

Selling any product have different ways. One, you can sell it online, another is to hire distributors, the third is to put your product on shelves among the competitors, and the fourth is to make countertop displays. All the different ways have different strategies f selling the product, and the results are also different.

Comparing the product on the shelf with the countertop, on a shelf, only a group of customers get attracted to the product. The target of these products are the customers who really want a similar product. For example, if you are selling mayonnaise, only the customer going through the aisle will be attentive towards the product. But the countertop display has a different case. Everyone is going to pay the bill and will interact with the countertop. Here you can target most of the customers in any store.

But designing Cardboard Countertop Display Boxes is a bit different than the usual packaging style. Here are some tips to help you grow your business and loyal customers through box designing.

Target the correct audience

The most common and important factor in designing a product packaging is knowing the target audience. It is essential to understand the demands and preferences of customers before introducing any product in the market. The first impression helps in making a good reputation, and if it is not good, you need to put in a lot of effort to get satisfying results. So it is better to plan a strategy beforehand.

You need to design the Custom Cardboard Countertop Display Boxes according to the customer’s needs and demands. If your actual product is bigger, you can put something similar to a tester for sale on a countertop box. The packaging box must be convenient, appealing, and compact.

By designing the shape, size, and color of the box, you can target different groups of customers. Most of the Cardboard Countertop Display Boxes have a single-story look, but by adding multiple layers or shapes, you can impress the customers. Countertop display helps in introducing your product to each person shopping from the retailer.

If you know the customer’s preference, you can design themes, colors, and much more to convince customers to try your product. The countertop product helps in increasing the overall sale of the product in a store. Once your customers like your product, they are most likely to buy bigger and convenient packaging from the shelf as well.

Know about your Competitors and Retailers:

Another big factor in designing the Cardboard Countertop Display Boxes USA is to know about the competing brands. It is possible that customer is used to of using a similar product by different brands. If you are new in the market, attracting customers and get satisfactory results become difficult. If you know the rivalries, you can improvise your product display. You must know the good and the bad factors about the product packaging of different brands. It will not only help in finding loopholes and fix them but will also provide influential design ideas to make your display unique.

There is a huge role of retailers in selling a product. They can help you to introduce your products to the market and increase your product sale. They are also a big way of collecting data about consumers and competitors. As they know about the product placement in their store and customers of the targeted region, you can take help to know customers’ demand and provide a satisfactory solution.

The retailers help in marketing the product through advertising, display, sales personnel, and signs in their stores. Also, they are able to influence the customers’ buying decisions by providing them information about the product. So knowing them can help you built healthy relation with the retailers, which will be beneficial for you in the end.

Be unique and Creative:

Most of the Custom Cardboard Countertop Display Boxes have a similar shape. One layer box tray with a long front folded back displaying the labels. But there can be more options for designing. If you are interested in selling the product on a large scale and win from the competitors, you must have creativity in your boxes. The design can differ according to the products. You can place a three-layer box for food items to showcase your product. If you are selling cosmetics, for instance, lipsticks or eyeliners, then a box with a cardboard separator can work great for displaying the product as well as securing it.

The design must be impressive for the customers to get attention towards the product. You can choose differently shaped boxes for countertop displays. Imagine a spinner countertop box for displaying little jewelry pieces for women. Also, keep customer demands and preferences in mind. The young’s and teens may get attracted to a different experience of product packaging. But the adults would prefer a simple and convenient design. You can add different colors and finishes to impress the customers. While choosing the color of the packaging takes care of the color psychology so you can get more potential buyers for your product.

Go for Biodegradable:

A benefit of individual product packaging or the boxes on the shelf display is the higher opportunity for creativeness. You can design the boxes in different shapes, models, sizes, and designs. You can put more effort and invest money into designing to make the packaging attractive.

Also, there are many chances that a beautiful packaging box can have reusability options. The customer can keep the box and use it as a gift box in case of need. Also, beautiful packaging is worthy of keeping jewelry and other small accessories.

But unfortunately, the case is different in countertop display boxes. These product packaging can get recycled after one use, but these are not for reuse. To decrease the dilemma of increasing waste and environmental pollution, the packaging must have the option of recycling. Since these boxes have cardboard as base material, there is no issue with the choice of material. But there are some customization options that make the box impossible for recycling.

While choosing the design, colors, and finishes of the box, ask about your concern with the packaging manufacturer. Avoid the use of plastic in the form of cling lamination and other similar customization options in Cardboard Countertop Display Boxes Wholesale. It is also a great way to impress the environment-conscious customer. And you can contribute to a global issue with this little step.

Place Content Rightly:

On product packaging, customers can lift and read the content from all sides of the box. Also, there is much space to fill with information and relative content. In Cardboard Countertop Display Boxes USA, you need to add correct information and all the detailed requirements listed by the authorities. The countertop display has a front of the box only to display all the information.

You need to be careful while designing the content. Along with the brand logo, name, and tagline, some information and a sneak peek about the product is also important to add to the display box. With the correct font style, color theme, and amount of text, you can achieve the goal of passing the right content to the customers.

Match Product and Store

While designing the box, there are two factors to remember. First, the packaging must be compatible with the product. If the colors and themes of the product and the box are different, the customer may not be attractive or get irritated. The similar-looking packaging and the product have a lasting impact on customers. And with the help of color psychology, you can easily get your potential buyers. Another factor in choosing the color scheme is the theme of the retail store.

Do not order Custom Boxes Wholesale design for printing with vivid bright colors to disturb the store theme. It is prettier to look complementing for the store rather than too prominent. You may ruin the overall look of the counter by choosing too bright colors. But be careful; do not choose the same color as the counter or the store. Your color choice must be smart for displaying the product. Choose a color that looks good with the store theme and complementing the counter without getting too prominent or too blended.


The packaging has a long-lasting impact on the customers. It can bring potential customers and helps in growing sales. You need to find the perfect design and a manufacturer to help you through the process. Find a packaging designer and printer with budget-friendly deals, Trifling Glyph of Health fulfilling the requirements of packaging boxes by the authorities and giving offers for shipping and other discounts.


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