Customized Name Necklaces


Customized Name Necklaces are hot. According to google, over 49,000 people a month search for them. That is more than any other type of necklace or pendant. Everyone wants Customized Name Necklaces to show their personality and style. And it is very easy to do with custom jewelry.

Go to the mall, retail store, or even an online seller who sells Name Necklaces. You will find that the selection of available fonts to be limited to under 5. And this is if they offer any choices at all. Additionally, you will be limited to the more common names like Jennifer, Todd, or William. If your name is slightly uncommon, you will be out of luck. Want a personal nickname? No way! However, these people are not making custom jewelry. The pieces you see have been mass produced in China. Consequently, this is why you don’t see less common names.
Customized Name Necklaces
Here is an example of a name necklace that you could never get at the mall or retail store. The online sellers aren’t able to make this either.

Customized Name Necklaces Are Less Expensive Than They Used To Be

As recently as 10 years ago, custom jewelry was only available to the very well to do. Custom Pendants were mainly carved out of wax and then cast. This requires a crazy level of skill and expertise and was very expensive. There were CAD programs back then. However, they were very expensive and not that functional. Then there is the casting and was growing equipment. It was so expensive that only the largest manufacturers could afford it. Consequently, it kept prices very high and out of reach of everyday people.

In the last 5 years all of that has changed. CAD programs have dramatically dropped in price while becoming far better. This has left wax carving as a dying art. Hardly anybody uses that technique anymore. Additionally, casting and wax growing equipment have substantially dropped in price. This has allowed much smaller outfits to be able to get into creating custom jewelry.
As a result, custom jewelry has become available to almost everyone. Looking for custom pendants or customized name necklaces? Contact your local custom jeweler to see what the can do for you!


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