Diabetics Socks: A Complete Guide To choose Best Socks For Diabetics

thermal diabetic socks

Diabetes is a health problem in which the blood sugar level of your body increases significantly. A person who is suffering from diabetes can ensure good health by following the guidelines for good health. Diabetic people need some special equipment and supplies such as blood glucose monitoring machines, lancets, syringes, etc. Along with all these important supplies, you should follow a healthy lifestyle and regularly monitor your blood sugar level.  

Diabetic people are highly susceptible to feet related problems. Therefore, diabetic sufferers should take care of their feet and wear the right footwear socks. It is imperative to choose the right diabetic socks to prevent your feet from various complications. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks that will help you to choose the best diabetic socks:

Diabetic Socks

The diabetic socks are designed to offer various benefits to diabetic sufferers such as reducing the pressure in your lower portion of legs; prevent the formation of blisters and reduce the accumulation of pressure. Thus, the main objective of diabetic socks is to prevent your feet from major problems and provide high comfort. Usually, diabetic socks are not elastic. The non-elastic feature of diabetic socks will prevent your feet from swelling. Moreover, the seamless design of the socks will reduce friction and prevent you from neurological discomfort. The diabetic socks are designed in such a way that it will ensure good blood circulation in your body. If blood circulation in your body will decrease, it will become quite difficult for your body to heal. In diabetes, the blood sugar level if your body increases and it results in a reduced immunity system. The specialized diabetic socks are required for the diabetic sufferer and it can prevent future amputation. For the winter season, you can also find the perfect thermal diabetic socks.

Important Factors To Consider While Choosing Diabetic Socks 

There are various important factors that you need to consider while choosing the diabetic socks. Some of the important factors are mentioned below:  

  1. Material Of Diabetic Socks

The diabetic socks are made up of a combination of different types of material such as merino wool, bamboo charcoal mixed with spandex, acrylic, etc. The fabric used for diabetic socks must have moisture-wicking properties. In addition to this, the diabetic socks have less constricting property as compared to the traditional socks. The diabetic socks are also wrinkle-free and there are fewer chances of abrasion on the skin.

  1. Offer Padding

There is a wide range of diabetic socks available in the market and you can choose one accruing to your needs and demands. The diabetic socks are available with different types of padding and its thickness level also varies. You can choose the right one as per your needs. If you do a job and you have to stay on your feet for a long time, you should wear socks with extra padding. Diabetic people who used to do strenuous workouts and run should wear more padding socks to avoid any kind of injury to their feet. The good padding socks for diabetic people can prevent your feet from friction-induced ulcers.

The padding used in the socks is made up of fiber and it helps in increasing the thickness of thread loops. The diabetic socks which are made of gel-based padding are one of the good options. The padding in the socks not just prevents your feet from injury, but also improves the moisture-wicking property of your feet.  

  1. Different Styles and Lengths

It is already mentioned that diabetic socks are available in different styles and different types. You can purchase the right style of diabetic sock based on the main purpose. The diabetic people who are suffering from circulation issues should invest in over-the-calf or over-the-knee style socks. The diabetic people who live an active lifestyle should invest in sports diabetic socks. The sports diabetic socks are available in ankle and crew heights. The diabetic socks are not just available in different length styles, but it is also available in different pattern styles. You can easily find diabetic socks in different colors and different designs. It is recommended that you should choose the diabetic socks that fit your style. Along with diabetic socks, the diabetic sufferers should also invest in the diabetic pillow. 

  1. Smart Diabetic Socks

The latest invention in diabetic socks is “smart socks”. The fiber optic sensors are integrated into the diabetic socks and these sensors help in monitoring the moisture level and pressure level. These sensors can give advanced warnings and prevent your feet from the formation of ulcers. The development of ulcers can lead to nerve damage and amputation. Thus, smart diabetic socks offer protection from feet problems. If you have a good budget, you should invest in smart diabetic socks. 


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