Different types of bullying

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The conceptualization of bullying is often one-dimensional. Some consider it to be merely calling names, others think of it as a form of ostracization.

However, bullying is a much more nuanced issue. For to remedy it, it is vital that it be understood in entirety. While it is prevalent through all ages – yes, there are adult bullies as well –but it is more common through the tweens and tends.

Parents and the school staff need to understand the ways in which bullying manifest so they can intervene. Since the impact of bullying is grueling for the child, hence, lack of understanding of this issue has serious consequences for their wellbeing.

Notwithstanding physical injuries that result from bullying and require help from the Child Specialist in Karachi, bullying has grave implications for the child’s mental health. It can lead to problems like stress, anxiety, and depression.

Similarly, sometimes, bullying can also perpetual thoughts of self-harm, that can culminate to suicide as well.

Types of bullying


Due to the prevalence and access to technology, more people are now at risk of suffering from cyber bullying. Since a significant number of teens and tweens use social media, they are even more vulnerable.

There are different forms that cyber bullying can take; some bullies might just leave nasty comments about the child. Others might oust their private pictures. Cyber bullying also includes making messages with threats, stalking, embarrassing the other person etc.

A very dangerous dimension of cyber stalking is the ability of the bully to remain anonymous. They can use fake names, or the very smart ones can mask their IP address to prevent getting caught. When there is no danger of consequences, people become even more ruthless in their bullying.

Social or relational bullying

Also known as covert bullying, this type of bullying revolves around ostracizing people. A more subtle but equally ruthless form of bullying, it causes children to become loners, since they are deprived of social contact.

Bullies may prevent others from befriending them. No one then talks to such children. They are last to picked for the games. Children are deliberately excluded from the social life of the school.

Social bullying can also take a more sinister turn when bullies start rumors about some students. They are then manipulated in situations and are made to feel extremely unwanted.

Relational bullying also causes great damage to the emotions of children, as naturally, no one like to be excluded, uninvited or have disgusting rumors spread about them.  

Verbal bullying

It is only limited to the adage that sticks and stone may break my bones but words never will; in actuality, the stab made by words can be just as sharp. Verbal bullying can include name calling, teasing, use of swear words, threatening taunting etc.

The precise of verbal bullying is to humiliate the child. It can also be the use of words to signal out something sacred to the child, like their ethnicity or religion.

Body size and the color of the skin are also some topics that verbal bullies capitalize on. Often, children undergoing these verbal attacks are asked to ignore the bullies, but it is easier said than done.

Children can also internalize the lack of respect that they are subjected to, due to which they become more vulnerable to abuse.

Physical bullying

Physical bullying calls for the use of force to do physical damage to the child. It may be direct hitting, kicking, punching etc. or the indirect ways like putting out a hurdle in front of the child so they fall over.

Physical bullying is also nasty things like throwing away the lunch, pulling child’s clothes off, touching without consent.

Physical bullying may cause injuries that then require treatment from Child Specialist in Islamabad, but the impact is not limited to the physical body, but mental health suffers greatly as well.

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