Everything To Know About Your New Frenchie Bulldog


Are you keen on bringing home a dog to keep you company and to play with? Well, the first thing you need to decide is the size of the dog you are looking for. You can either opt for a big dog or you can choose a small one. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you prefer the smaller breeds and feel a bit intimidated in the presence of bigger ones. Smaller breeds are better according to us because they make for the perfect lap dogs, can be handled a bit more easily, take up very little space in your home so your square footage will not be a problem, and are simply adorable to look at. 

If you are looking for a smaller breed, but are not too keen on choosing the usual options like pugs or Pomeranians, we have the perfect option for you. You should consider bringing home a Frenchie Bulldog. Although they are petite and look adorable, there is something about their looks that sets them apart from the other smaller breeds. These intelligent dogs are the perfect choice for modern homes where neighborhoods aren’t too keen on loud and noisy pets. However, we understand the skepticism of choosing this one, especially if you don’t know much about the breed in the first place. 

We have always believed that knowing a bit about the pet you intend to bring home always helps you as a pet parent to deal with them better. This is where we come to your rescue and tell you all there is to know about Frenchie Bulldogs. Read on to know more about these amazing and petite canines.

  • History of Frenchie Bulldog

We would like to assume that most of you are familiar with the toy bulldog, a breed that was famous in England during the 1800s and still continues to be popular. It is this breed that led to Frenchie Bulldogs. Toy bulldogs were a popular choice for English lacemakers at the time. And when some of them migrated to France, they took these dogs along. These bulldogs were then bred with other breeds like pugs and terriers, thus giving us the Frenchie Bulldogs. Frenchie Bulldogs were extremely popular in France during the 20th century and you still see this breed all around the globe. 

  • Size

Frenchie Bulldogs are generally smaller than a lot of other dogs you see regularly. In terms of their height, Frenchie Bulldogs typically stand between 11 and 3 inches. And with respect to weight, Frenchie Bulldogs are usually under 28 pounds. These numbers are true for both males and females. 

  • Characteristics

One of the first things you will notice about this breed is their cute bat ears. They have a stocky compact body and their coat is short and smooth. Another typical characteristic of this breed is the wrinkly face and the short nose. They are available in various hues when it comes to their coat but brindle, white, and fawn are the most common. 

  • Temperament

Frenchie Bulldogs are known for their intelligence. They are vigilant about their surroundings and hence some people say these dogs are adept if you are looking for a watchdog. Their alertness is such that you cannot hide many things if you have Frenchie Bulldog around you. They are energetic and love playing outdoors. And their amazing personalities and temper are what make them fun to have around. 

  • Grooming needs

Just like every other breed, Frenchie Bulldogs require adequate grooming. However, since their coat isn’t thick and there is very minimal shedding, the frequency of these grooming sessions can be less. However, you need to make sure that your dog’s nails are trimmed very regularly. As far as brushing is concerned, once a week should do the trick. 

  • Training

Frenchie Bulldogs are sweet and cuddly but at times they can also be extremely stubborn. And this is why training them right from the beginning is important. Given how well-behaved this breed is known to be, training them isn’t difficult. 

  • Life span

The average life span of Frenchie Bulldogs is 10 to 12 years. And since we are talking about life spans, never leave your Frenchie unattended around water because aren’t known to be very good swimmers. 

These are a few things you should know about Frenchie Bulldogs before you decide to bring one home. If their traits and characteristics suit you, now is the time to bring home a pup. However, we recommend adopting one as opposed to buying one


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