Everything you must know about archetypal wizards


When you come across an archetypal wizard, it is nothing but a wise old man who has more knowledge than you have thought. He also uses the knowledge with the exploitation of a deep comprehension of the world, building and creating things, and casting spells. Sometimes, the wizard will also mix potions to create an effect.

While many people will perceive the wizard to be a sage, they guide less experienced people and pass on the knowledge he possesses. So, in this article, we will cover more about the wizard archetype. If you aspire to be a magician, you must check out how to become a wizard.

What are the various traits of a wizard archetype?

  • As soon as you observe an archetypal wizard, he will use rational thinking and his mystical powers for his benefit. Moreover, he will also use the knowledge he possesses before performing a magic trick.
  • Most of the time, the wizard archetype always comes up with solutions for various problems. Besides, such wizards are also good at creating strategies well in advance.
  • Whenever you encounter such wizards, they act as men of action. Apart from offering advice, the wizards also move ahead in protecting others when it’s necessary. But, the wizards prefer to stay in the background instead of revealing their identity.
  • In today’s world, some wizards can make use of their skills for a totally different purpose. They can also engage themselves with the practice of black magic or sorcery.
  • Eventually, such archetypes can misuse the powers they acquire through knowledge and skills. While the wizards will use their power to do evil things, they can deceive many individuals through seduction and practicing some tricks.

What kind of powers do wizards possess?

There are many kinds of powers that wizards possess. So, let’s take a quick look at the powers one after the other.



Once the wizard starts using divination, he can predict what will happen in the future. While he also knows more about the present and the past, he can offer a solution to a particular problem through a standardized process. This power also enables him to interact with the supernatural or interpret some patterns.

Energy Manipulation

Soon after the wizard tries to manipulate energy, he can create something that can manifest magical phenomena. He can always accomplish what is on his mind through mystical energy. A bit later, he can use the energy to transform magic to create different effects. They can also evoke numerous forms of energy for performing different magic tricks.

Casting Spells

Whenever someone is about to cast a spell, he can produce different magical effects and phenomena. But, to perform some rituals or gestures, the wizard will use his wand or consider celestial events. If the wizard is powerful, he will not use incantations to cast the spell.

Chemical Magic

As the name implies, such a form of magic always involves Chemistry. While the person can cast spells, he will try to manipulate chemical substances effectively. In addition, he can also harness magical energies in different ways.  

Wand Tricks

While the wizard uses a wand to perform magic, he has the power to transform many items. Consequently, he will also use the wand to move things or make items disappear. But, as the wizard holds the wand in his hand, he can say something in his mind.


An archetypal wizard is known as a wise old man who uses his knowledge to cast spells. These wizards use rational thinking and knowledge to cast spells. But, some archetypal wizards can use their thinking and knowledge to perform certain black magic tricks.

In some situations, the wizards also practice tricks to deceive people or do evil things. Apart from everything else, the wizard can manipulate energy, offer solutions through divination, and perform magic with chemical substances.


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