Facebook Ads or Google Ads: Which is the better one?

Google is one of the most used terms in case of Search engine whereas Facebook is another most used term for social media. Both of them are equally used platform by billions of people all over the world. They are the current leaders of online advertising on the web. That’s why they are automatically the biggest rivalry in digital advertising.
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If you are thinking of starting a new business and wish to increase the number of sales and leads then these are the two gems that you have to get involved into. Even though they have similar purposes of advertising, they have their own features and ways of operation. Now, talking about which one is more beneficial, let’s first discuss their properties in detail.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ad is the process of advertising provided by Facebook which anyone connected with Facebook can achieve its service. Looking the stats of past few years, Facebook advertising seems to be the most effective way to impact the reach of your products. It is the most popular social media with highest number of active users than other social media.
Facebook Ads or Google Ads: Which is the better one?
This is how Facebook advertising looks in real-time. Facebook provides many features like image advertising, video advertising, which Google ads won’t. Benefits of using Facebook Ads:
  1. Huge active users on social media
  2. Amazing targeting facility
  3. Content promotion is available
  4. Turns visitors into leads and customers
  5. Easy managing ads

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the most popular and powerful advertising platform in web-browser. It is the advertising platform of Google itself. So, it has the highest range of traffic than any other platform. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is another common name of Google AdWords where PPC means the advertising owner has to pay certain amount of money to Google for each click on their advertisement.
Facebook Ads or Google Ads: Which is the better one?
This is how the advertising looks on Google Search Engine. It looks very different than Facebook Ads because it doesn’t allow graphical posts like images or videos. The Sign Ad represents the advertising on Google whereas word sponsored represent advertising on Facebook. Now that you have got some idea about Facebook ads and Google ads, let’s keep moving towards their differences. Benefits of using Google ads:
  1. Increase sales, leads and customers
  2. Flexible advertising platform
  3. High return on investment
  4. Faster and transparent results
  5. No need for SEO

Differences between Facebook Ads and Google Ads

The main difference between them is user intent. You need to type relevant keywords regarding the advertising only then you get to see the Advertisement on Google. But in case of Facebook the advertisement displays on your main page without user intent. This is why even though Google has more users, the advertisement engagement is less than that of Facebook. Facebook ads are great in building brand awareness whereas Google ads are great because your advertisement is placed on the top of Google Search Engine Result Page with the effort of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
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Facebook ads are more engaging and eye-catching than Google ads because of graphical presentations like images and videos. So, there is high engagement on Facebook ads. You can even share, comment and like the Facebook ads that you are unable with Google Ads. Another major difference is price consumption by these platforms. Relatively the price of Google Ads is higher than Facebook ads because in Google ads to rank on the top of Search Engine Result Page, there is certain processes like keyword bidding. Your bid must be the highest one only, and then Google ranks your advertising on the top. Also, for each click on your Google advertising, you have to pay certain about of money even though there is no conversion or sales. Finally, the progress demographic data of Facebook is much better than Google’s, where you can target endless features like sex, age, income, interest, location, etc.

Which one should you use for advertising?

First of all, I suggest you implement both of the advertising if you have enough economic source because of the more your reach, the more people will engage and convert into leads. Also, your success depends upon the goal of your dream. Well at the beginning of the business, I suggest you go with Facebook advertising as it is cost-effective and provides better customer satisfaction. And only to go for Google Ads whenever the conversion and reach of Facebook ads are not sufficient for your business. Google Ads is a vast advertising technique that should be handled with real care, and you must have really good knowledge about it else your advertising cost will go in vain. If you are already well-known about PPC advertising and had long-term experience of Facebook ads, then you can apply PPC advertising for higher success and reach. Conclusion Have a thorough study on both of the advertising platforms and choose the best one comparing with your business and benefits you will be gaining through the advertising. Anyway, both of the advertising platforms are equally important and helpful for increasing the digital dimension. Choosing one and ignoring next will be mistake to your business.


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