Future of Online Education, Its Pros & Cons!


The dependency on traditional education has been lessened drastically over the past few years with the advent of online teaching platform. Operating the classroom with physical presence of teachers and learners is not the only option for academic continuity anymore. Nowadays, having anytime and anywhere access to quality classes and online assessments is fairly easy. We have entered in an era where online exam software and online teaching software have become usual forms of academic technology.

But what is the future of this technologically driven educational era? Is it going to be the same or will foresee better acceptance eventually? Let’s discuss all of it in more detail.

“Online learning is on the rise. A recent poll found that 46% of recent graduates took an online credit as part of their degree, while more people than ever are turning to hybrid courses that combine distance learning with traditional classroom methods”

Earlier, we were always told that distance education is not that effective and must be avoided, but now in this COVID time, distance and virtual education is the only source of maintaining academic continuity. The current scenario has made us to believe that online teaching platform based learning will compose a significant part of education even in the post COVID time.

What makes Online Education so important?

Online teaching software comes integrated with varied tools and resources for both the educators as well as learners. A student gets the privilege to learn from a top educator or faculty even when he resides entirely in some other country. Making quality education accessible and cost-effective is one of the biggest roles that online education has played in the lives of learners. Let’s evaluate its many other points that makes online education more acceptable.

Ease of Access: Online education is not bound by time or location. If a learner misses the live class then he/she always has the option to attend the same class anytime through the access of its recorded session. This is also one of the many reasons why online certification and skill-based training are gaining more and more recognition recently.

Availability of all types of courses: From proper University based courses to certificate and diploma courses, all of it is available online that too in all the subjects. No matter what the student wants to learn, he/she will definitely find an ideal course online that to from top universities and trainers across the globe.

Greater ease and flexibility: Online learning gives the ease to the learners to pursue their education along with a job life. Course material is available through various means and you can access them even on your mobile phones. This type of added flexibility helps the learners of all ages to have a proper balance of work, educational and family life without any problem.

Skill Upgrading: Professionals can take online courses to upgrade their existing skills or can entirely opt for a new subject and complete their certification in it all the while being a dedicated employee. Earning further degrees in your specification also highlights your passion for the job and puts good impression on the employers. Moreover, the job prospects increase and you can get a better pay once your skills have been upgraded.

Teacher Training: Online teaching software has not only opened a source of learning for students but also for teachers who want to learn further. After all learning has got no limitation and online teaching platform has proven this with its scalability and quality of tools.

There are many benefits to online education some of which have been mentioned above, but there are also many added benefits to it, such as-

  • You get the opportunity to study in sync with not just your own country students but also the students from other countries.
  • Students don’t need to be the victim of judgment based on sex, race, religion, orientation, physical appearance, nationality and age.
  • All the classmates get the opportunity to equally participate in the class without being dominated by extrovert students.
  • Online courses give a safe place to the introverts to experiment with their skills and knowledge without being picked for. Also, the ones who understand the concepts through visual cues have an edge with online learning.
  • High level of active interaction takes place between the educators and learners as well as amongst the learners themselves. Resources and ideas are shared easily and each learner contributes in its own manner.
  • Interactive learning environment gives rise to critical thinking and self-direction in the learners. Particularly the characteristic of the self-directed and semi-autonomous world of the virtual classroom makes creative and innovative approaches to instruction even more important.

With so many benefits to online teaching and learning, its cons definitely become really less but not insignificant. Now let’s discuss some of its cons too-

Limitation in Social Interaction:

  • Specifically, in the courses that are self-paced it becomes difficult to form relationships with fellow classmates.
  • Chances of limited local networking opportunities.
  • No availability of face to face meeting as everything is limited to email, chats, and virtual discussion groups.
  • No campus environment.

Cost of technology and scheduling

  • Connection to internet and integration of software programs
  • Students might need to learn troubleshooting and added skills of using computer.
  • Additional cost of internet connection.

Challenging for Instructors

As online teaching software is getting more and more advanced, educators are constantly trying to keep up with the understanding of it.

  • Traditional educators who are more in favor of face-to-face learning and handouts may go through difficult times by keeping up with technology.
  • Students need to have a lot of self-discipline and motivation to progress with their course in a timely manner.


It is evident that every type of learning environment has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. However, with thorough analysis and personal requirements, every educator and learner can decide upon the mode of teaching and learning which is best suitable according to them.
These days it is very easy to get even one of the best online teaching platform for free and use it for your advantage. The ready availability of online teaching platform has made it a convenient part of every educator’s life that is willing to earn some extra money.

“The pedagogical evolution and the use of technology in the education sector have turned all focus on Indian education market, making the country second largest market for e-learning after the US. The e-learning sector is expected to reach $1.96 billion by 2021 with around 9.5 million users.”

This type of estimate can definitely become the source of our assumption that online education is entitled to a brighter future and vast expansion.


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