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handmade bangle

Bangles are traditional jewelry worn in hands for women. During marriage, brides must wear bangles on hands to make the occasion successful. Bangles may be made of gold, silver and other materials. Some bangles are made by jewelers by machines. But, some traditional ways to create bangles with own hands are widely acceptable in market. So, these handmade bangles are marketed by some agencies or companies. In this way, the ancient traditional culture can be retraced and can occupy the place in hearts of women.

Different categories of bangles

There are different types of handmade bangles invillage cultural background.These are as follows:

  • Bangles with threads
  • handmade bangles with ghungru
  • bead bangles
  • cloth bangles
  • paper bangles
  • crochet bangles
  • laced bangles
  • crystal handmade bangles
  • weaved handmade bangles
  • bangles with engraving stones
  • charm bangles
  • handmade bangles with leather

In this way, different hand skills are adopted to give shapes of designed bangles. Some women are fascinated with the handcrafted skills and are passionate to wear these handmade bangles. KHOJ.CITYis the concernwhich is selling all handicrafts items like handbags, handmade bangles and handmade jewelry. This company is promoting these items to save the art and technology within heart of people. The village art and skills are saved with promotion and the workers can live their earning.

To retain traditional culture

Handmade bangles price is quite affordable to high class society. The website is promoting the handmade bangles by paying the workers at minimumcost. KHOJ.CITYis keeping minimum profiton their cost. The target of the company is to save the traditional methods of creation of bangles, handbags, jewelry. The handmade bangles price is sold at very affordable rates. The offline and online market of India sells various types of handmade bangles. These may be made of silk threads, stones, beads and of other categories are made with own hands. Indian should be proud of handicraft of village culture. KHOJ.CITY is trying to promote the village culture of remote paces of India to retain the art by minds of people. Some show pieces made by handicrafts may take places in drawing rooms of luxurious people.

Collection of articles from different states

The price of handmade banglesis not much. But, it reflects the Indian traditional culture of various remote places. India is completely filled up with diverse people of differentlanguages and cultures. Handicrafts also vary from state to state. West Bengal and south India are completely different in languages, culture, and food style. Therefore, it is obvious that the handicrafts also vary from state to state. The agencies or companies collect handmade bangles from different states withdifferent styles. The various cultures of handicrafts are promoted by the agencies in online stores or offline.


Some women are craving for traditional items like handmade bangles, show pieces, handmade bags. Though the price of traditional handicraft items is not much, still many women purchase these items to fulfill their desires. Indian traditional culture is retained in this way.   


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