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Guru has been connecting clients and freelancers for long- and short-term projects for more than two decades, providing clients with safe payment information by using its SafePay escrow account.

This mobile-friendly website allows users to sign up with Google, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts – though you must be aged at least 18 to join.


Marketing services provides freelancers with tools for finding work, from logo design to legal transcription services. Freelancers may use it free, while employers pay a fee. In case of disputes between employers and freelancers, Guru also offers arbitration as a solution.

Guru makes finding skilled freelancers easy. Their search results page provides six ways to assess a freelancer profile, while freelancer profiles contain detailed information. Furthermore, Guru also features a helpful blog that covers topics like how to improve one.

When assessing freelancers, look out for the following details: All-Time Earnings: An indicator of their expertise. Work Experience: Depicts the number of projects they’ve completed. Rate: Displays their hourly or fixed price project cost. Minimum SafePay Amount Required Before Beginning Work: Indicates how much SafePay they require prior to commencing the task as well as their length of membership on SafePay sites such as UpWork or Elance.


Guru is an online marketplace connecting freelancers and clients since 1998, serving many freelancers’ needs by offering them free tools that facilitate connections with potential employers.

When posting a job, you have various options for choosing its visibility and setting how long to wait for quotes. Additionally, payment types like hourly or milestone can also be chosen from. Before committing yourself, make sure you understand exactly what the client expects of you before signing a contract or signing off on something.

Though not specifically dedicated to writing jobs, Guru offers a selection of writing opportunities as well as web design and coding jobs. Operating for over 20 years now, SafePay serves both parties equally by acting as an escrow account between them.

Payment options

Guru offers multiple payment options, from direct invoicing to the SafePay escrow system. SafePay helps users collaborate with unknown clients while offering some protection against scams; however, its high wire transfer fees and opaque exchange rate could leave them with less money than they anticipated.

Prepaid cards may be preferable for international freelancers without US bank accounts; however, multi-currency borderless accounts allow funds to reach directly into local bank accounts without additional fees from Guru.

Pay with credit card when purchasing bids and memberships through Guru. Simply log into the members area once your account is verified, select “Add a credit card”, enter information for it and click “Verify credit card.” It’s quick and straightforward!

Customer service

Guru is an established freelance platform that enables companies to connect with freelance workers for contracted work. Formerly known as eMoonlighter, this service features various tools that will assist in finding the ideal freelancers for each task, along with a comprehensive FAQ section that can provide answers for most inquiries.

Guru has become synonymous with scammers and has earned itself an unfavorable rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). BBB reviews indicate that Guru does not provide financial compensation to victims who fall prey to scams, nor take steps to remove fake profiles from its platform.

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