Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels: Which Is Better?

hand dryers vs paper towels
hand dryers vs paper towels

Did you know that the typical person spends over 2 years of their life in the bathroom? Take note if you’re in charge of creating the best bathroom experience for clients or your family! After all, you want to provide a pleasant experience — and keep costs to a minimum.

Are you debating between hand dryers vs paper towels? Then read on to learn which is better!

Consider Paper Towels

For starters, paper towels offer a faster route to dry hands. You won’t be relying on an electric dryer that may or may not work, and you can use as many towels as needed. You also can use a towel to grab the door handle to avoid re-contaminating your hands.

Paper towels may be a cleaner option, as well. That’s because you can remove some additional bacteria from your hands by drying them with a towel.

With hand dryers, by contrast, you may actually deposit more germs from the air onto your hands. And, of course, older or higher-powered hand dryers tend to be noisy. Make sure you don’t install them in quiet settings, like libraries, unless your walls are thick!

Explore Hand Dryers

What is a hand dryer? It’s an electric machine that blows heated air onto your hands. For a few hundred dollars, you can get a compact unit that won’t require you to keep paper towels in stock.

Some hand dryers have a HEPA filter, too. Essentially, these filters can remove over 99% of troublesome airborne particles like dust. You’ll just need to replace the filter as needed and remove the cover to dust off the internal parts.

When you’re ready to commit to this solution, buy hand dryers here. You’ll provide an easy way for bathroom users to dry their hands and eliminate the need for daily trash removal!

Compare Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels

It’s hard to arrive at a clear conclusion as to which hand drying approach is best. If your biggest concern is avoiding germ transmission, paper towels may have the edge. This is assuming that you empty overflowing wastebaskets each day, of course.

You can look at hand dryers as a more environmentally-friendly option. You won’t contribute to the loss of trees and all of the supply chain footprints involved in producing paper products.

And when you follow a few hand dryer tips, you can keep your hands free of germs — even after drying. When possible, use your arm to open doors without latches, for instance. Bathroom doors can be outfitted with foot pulls, too, to keep your hands out of the mix when opening doors.

Hand dryers may offer a financial edge, as well. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on paper towels each year, you could spend under $50 on energy costs.

Make the Best Bathroom Choice

Are you still debating between hand dryers vs paper towels? The right choice may depend on your preferences, budget, and needs.

For a thorough clean, you can go with paper towels. But to reduce waste, you might be better off with a hand dryer. For more tips to stay clean, check back for new articles soon!


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