How do I decide if I need a child custody attorney?

child custody attorney

Facing a child custody process is one of the most difficult situations that a couple experiences when they divorce.

Most parents try to decide these matters without going to court, but when it is impossible to reach a mutual agreement and maintain harmony in the relationship, then the court determines a child custody order  , and the parent who wins it is renamed the custodial parent.

A child custody battle   occurs when one parent feels that the other is no longer the best option to care for the child, and a legal way to assume responsibility for the child is sought.

More than 25 percent of parents in the United States have custody of children, and many of them are not satisfied with the results declared in court.

Therefore, the help of a  Free child custody lawyer in such critical moments is very positive, to achieve a result close to what you want.

An attorney can benefit you in the following ways:

  • First, with a lawyer it is easier to understand family law: Whatever the situation, it is important to take custody cases seriously, because the  laws  in the US vary by state, and it is very confusing to try to interpret them without adequate legal assistance. The best thing you can do is hire an attorney with years of experience handling child custody cases.
  • Second, an attorney can process the information you need: Child custody cases often involve a lot of research about parents and children. Details of parents and their families will come out and misreporting this information can put your case at risk.

The judge is going to decide the best interest of the child, so he needs to know the life of the parents and their environment, to give a verdict on custody and visitation rights.

A family law attorney will help you with the information gathering process, commonly known as discovery, and will ensure that information that is not relevant to your custody case is not being revealed. A professional can also better organize that data and present it in a format that is more favorable.

  • Third, a lawyer will explain how to communicate and behave with the other parent: A family law professional specialized in parental rights can advise you on the best way to communicate and act during a child custody case. These experiences are often very stressful and emotionally draining, and contact with the ex-spouse can become very tense. It is even possible that the process also negatively impacts your child, and this detail would make the paternity problem more difficult.

For example, a lawyer can teach you how to handle the situation when you are discussing sensitive issues such as child support, the visitation process, health care expenses, the parenting plan, or the types of custody to choose.

Having an attorney by your side is a very useful resource, because they will answer your questions at any time, before taking an action that could contribute to the judge having a negative view of you.

For example, if you want  to move to another state to start a new life with your current boyfriend or partner, your lawyer will probably advise you to postpone the decision if joint custody is at stake, because it could negatively affect your case.

  • Fourth, an attorney will prepare you to deal with the judge and other legal representatives: An  experienced attorney  will give you suggestions on how to approach the judge, custody evaluator, and other attorney. For example, if your ex’s attorney is very aggressive in court and they are fighting sole custody, her attorney can coach you to deal with this kind of emotional intensity during the question period at the hearing.

The attorney can also advise you on whether you should spend money on a custody evaluator or guardian  ad litem , or whether you should make other important decisions to strengthen your child custody case.

  • Fifth, with a lawyer you will have advantages of representation in family court: A lawyer is a professional trained to represent your interests and those of your child in court. If he is facing a very long and complicated trial, and his ex-spouse has retained the services of an attorney, then he will be at a considerable disadvantage if he attempts to represent himself.

Keep in mind that the judge will base his decisions on the best interests of the child. Therefore, without specialized knowledge of the law and custody issues, he would likely not be able to properly present his case in court, and would be jeopardizing his ability to gain or retain custody of his minor children.

And if  you don’t feel comfortable with your  current attorney, it may also be in your best interest to switch to a professional who is in your best interest.

Although hiring a good lawyer implies a monetary cost, many believe that if you work with a qualified and experienced professional, it is money well spent, when the objective is the best benefit for your children.


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