How do Lumigan Eye Drops Work?

Lumigan eye drops

Lumigan or Bimatoprost in eye drop form is for intraocular hypertension or increased pressure building up inside the patient’s eye. The eye is constantly forming fluid that has to drain otherwise the pressure builds up. Lumigan gets the fluid to flow out of the eye and Lumigan eye drops start working in about 4 hours. Here is a look at how to take the medication correctly and where you can get it from.

How to take the eye drops

The suggestion for these eye drops is to administer the one drop to the eye that is affected in the evening time. You should only apply it once daily, otherwise, its effectiveness is less. Your doctor may change the dose depending on your medical history, weight and such, so follow their directions.

To use them you should;

  1. Before doing anything with the eye drops it is important you first wash your hands.
  2. Then remove the cap and put it somewhere it will not get dirty at all. Be sure that the tip of the medication is directed away from any surface that might cause contamination. You do not want it to get dust or dirt on it.
  3. Look up at the ceiling tilting your head backwards.
  4. Using your index finger you want to pull down the lower eyelid but do so carefully. It should come away from your eye and create a small area to put the drop in.
  5. Make sure the tip of the medication does not touch anywhere around the eye or the eye itself.
  6. Apply a drop or how many your doctor prescribed.
  7. At the inner corner of your eye where the bridge of your nose is put on some gentle pressure for 30 seconds. This stops the drop from dripping into your bloodstream through a tear duct.
  8. If you have the condition in the other eye too repeat the process for it.
  9. Wash your hands then put away the medication.

Advice when using Lumigan eye drops

a) As mentioned do not let the dropper touch the eye anywhere as that contaminates it with bacteria among other things, and can lead to eye infections and even serious eye damage.
b) If you have other eye drops to put in, give it 5 minutes before you do so.
c) You should take out your contact lenses if you wear them before you put in the medication. Wait for at least 15 minutes before you put them back in after using the eye drops.
d) If you forget a dose take it and then resume the regular schedule of drops. If it is already close to the next dose when you remember you forgot the last one just take the next dose. Never double up.
e) Finish the course of treatment as prescribed by your doctor. If there is medication left after the whole course is done take the remainder to your pharmacist for disposal. Do not pour Lumigan eye drops into a sink or toilet.
f) Keep it at room temperature and away from children.

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