How Double Glazed Windows can Block Sound To Come Inside

How Double Glazing Windows can Lessen Sound

When it comes to double glazing windows, they provide several benefits to homeowners. Some benefits include – making your house appear more attractive, making your home warmer, improving overall value of property and saving money on energy costs. Do you consider acoustic properties when selecting double glazing option for your home? The choice of double glazed windows provided by the company with the service, double glazing repair in Essex can leave a great impact on quality of life and noise they have been subjected to.

High level noise may affect your health

As per the research, those who have to deal with 50 decibels at night had 6% higher risk of developing high pressure. Hence, it is clear that less noise stress and better sleep are good for your health and overall well-being.

How Double Glazed Windows can Block Sound To Come Inside

How double glazing can be of great help

As sound is a kind of energy, they will enter your ears through sound waves. These waves can be formed by the molecules that generally vibrate in a solid, liquid or gas. So, the sound volume can be measured in decibels while pitch is calculated in hertz. The sound waves that have shorter wave profiles need to be higher pitched than the ones with long profiles. Hence, a comfortable sound level is near about 35 decibels during the day and almost 30 decibels during night. There isn’t any legal limit for noise but there is the legislation that aims to lessen the noise that has been formed by the roads.

When you use double glazing or acoustic glass, this may lessen the energy of sound waves and decrease external noise that enters your house. But it will depend on the frequency of sound you want to block and the kind of double glazing selected. Thus, the lower the frequency might be, the harder it might be to block sound since higher frequencies find it difficult to pass through the windows and walls. This also means the low frequency noise of the traffic might be the hardest for blocking out. By opting for the right windows for your requirements, you will be able to improve the reduction in noise greatly.

Type of double glazing to choose

  • Select thickest window panes or opt for triple glazing. Make sure you get the right one that has safety layer and ability to block unnecessary sound.
  • Maintain a huge gap between each glass pane since it makes it difficult for noise vibrations to jump from one pane to the other. This will depend on the wall profile where the window has been installed.
  • Use window frame that has been insulated properly and make sure there is no gap after the installation has been done. You need to check for the wall insulation around the windows in order to get the best possible results.
  • Enquire about different thickness for each glass pane which obstructs sound waves by blocking our different frequencies.
  • Look for “A” rated windows as they provide the best properties of heat retention and will keep out most noise. The rating depends on the space between the glass panes and thickness of the panes. Both of these factors will influence the amount of noise diffusion.
How Double Glazed Windows can Block Sound To Come Inside

Benefits of double glazing related to reduction in noise

  • You may expect for low pressure ad stress level.
  • You will be able to sleep better by enabling to function better during the day. Insufficient sleep is related to weight gain, higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • You can concentrate in a better way and study will improve for children.
  • You do not need to set your televisions at higher sound thus, increasing noise in your house.

Adding the option of double glazing to your valuable house is not only for keeping the heat inside but also keeping the noise outside. By choosing the right option, you will feel healthy and enjoy a long-term solution. When upgrading windows to improve the insulation and soundproofing of your house, make sure you get the best price by comparing the quotes from several providers.  Thus, you will have to get in touch with the best professional glaziers in Essex who can help to install double glazing windows and lessen the sound in your house.


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