How launching a multi service on-demand app can be helpful in COVID-19 crisis?

COVID-19 crisis

The coronavirus crisis is a definer for lives and lifestyles. The fact that we are talking about the new normal should be a good enough sign to tell people and businesses that things will not be the same again. In spite of people not being asked to go out, there are quite a lot of services that have been made uninterruptedly available without any hassle.

This availability can only be attributed to the birth and growth of on-demand services. Today, there is an app for almost every service including but not limited to transportation, food ordering, grocery delivery, telemedicine, learning, and household services. These apps have made life extremely convenient for both uses and service providers. It has also provided an alternative employment opportunity for a lot of people who have lost their livelihood because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Now the new normal has been established, it is time for businesses to take over and create avenues of profitability based on the new lifestyle. Since it is mandatory for people not to step out of their homes, on-demand services have recently rapidly increased in terms of consumption, downloads, and of course in terms of revenue.

The skyrocketing numbers

More than 95% of the families in the United States have at least one on-demand app on their smartphones. China, which has been seen to dominate the world of applications and investments using apps like WeChat and companies like Tencent, has seen a 36% increase in its E-Commerce sales ever since the outbreak of the pandemic. Walmart and Target, considered to be the top of the Totem Pole when it comes to retail in the United States have seen about 54000 and 53100 downloads this year for their mobile applications. Amazon might not be close to these numbers but it is soon bound to rise to prominence standing parallel to Walmart.

It is quite evident that all delivery applications focus on one kind of mechanism connecting users and businesses through a layer of independent supply/delivery executives. This means that even a single application can be used to cater to multiple services. These applications are aptly named multi-service apps. There are a few aspects that need to be taken into consideration when you launch your multi-service app, especially in the post-COVID-19 era.

Being Equipped for Contactless Delivery

How launching a multi service on-demand app can be helpful in COVID-19 crisis?

contactless delivery is one of the most important requirements to be fulfilled right now, and the best part is that it does not cost anything at all… at least not more than what it cost earlier! It has been scientifically proven that interpersonal contact is one of the most leading causes for the transmission of the coronavirus, and minimizing human contact has been one of the priority endeavors for containing the virus. Going in line with the norms of the World Health Organisation, a lot of e-commerce players and delivery companies have proceeded to normalize or rather mandate contactless delivery.

With the GPS and notifications in place, you are well aware of the timing and the location of your parcel and the delivery executive. You can ask the delivery executive to leave the parcel at your doorstep, and you can pick your parcel a few minutes later. The increase in the use of digital payment methods has also contributed to the growth of contactless delivery as the number of instances that mandate cash transactions has considerably reduced.

Providing Employment

How launching a multi service on-demand app can be helpful in COVID-19 crisis?

The word ‘job’ has drastically changed in its perception over the past few years. On one side, there are people who demand to be paid for quality and also ask for flexibility in their employment. On the other hand, there are unskilled workers looking for gig engagements, opening a new avenue for earning. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, quite a lot of people have lost their jobs and livelihood.

With the estimated growth for the on-demand delivery industry and for multi-service applications, we are looking at a stream of employment been generated that goes in line with an increase in volumes of orders. In desperation to meet the market demands, there should never be a compromise when it comes to the quality of hire. A fine line has to be achieved between the speed of hiring and the meticulousness of the process. It should be remembered that these delivery executives are the banner barriers of your brand for the customers!

Amazon, for instance, has been contemplating hiring about 100000 delivery executives to meet the growing demand for deliveries.

Going Glocal

How launching a multi service on-demand app can be helpful in COVID-19 crisis?

‘Glocal’ is the portmanteau of both global and local. One of the greatest threats for any online delivery company is the fact that it puts local vendors under jeopardy. If your multi-service application can bring together local customers and local vendors by providing a platform, it is bound to be a runaway success.

In addition to benefiting local vendors, it will also ensure that your customers are offered a timely delivery without spending a lot on delivery costs. it also ensures that you do not have to invest in warehousing and supply chain management. It cannot deny that there are certain factors of uncertainty when it comes to unavailability of items but it is a worthy compromise and it’s quite likely that people might not even be aware of the availability of the item if it is not present in the local stores!

Benefits of Deliveries On Demand

The on-demand model of business brings a lot of advantages.

There is considerable growth in customer satisfaction which is one of the paramount pursuits of all businesses. You are in a position to deliver what a customer wants at a time they need it, and customers are quite likely to pay for your services. This means that your brand can reap the fruits of customer satisfaction in collaboration with your vendor partners.

The on-demand ecosystem does not destroy but rather augments the local vendors and their avenues of revenue. It exposes the availability of certain items with your local vendor which you are not even aware of. This also means that your local business can enhance its reach to people in the other streets who might have even been aware of the existence of the store.

Apps also automate the entire process of shopping and at the same time, make the experience less frustrating. When you shop through an app, you are quite likely not to engage in impulse buying of items that you may not actually meet. It also means that you do not visit on buying the items that you actually need! In addition, you can be assured that the job of picking up your grocery is left to the professionals who do it on a daily basis! Since the entire process is automated, the possibilities of lapses and human errors are almost zero!

Needless to say, the review and rating systems ensure that the entire ecosystem stays democratic. It has been created in such a way that it encourages vendors who provide value and make them grow bigger and better.

On-demand applications and especially multi-service apps are designed to become the shopping malls of services in online and app-based parlance. They would present a great deal of delight to both users and vendors.


There is no question that on-demand is the future, and multi-service on-demand applications are bound to take over the market. We have already seen the growing value and acceptance of apps like WeChat, Paytm, and Go-Jek. A Gojek clone app will not only save you quite a lot in terms of money but also in terms of time, so you can hit the market faster. All you need to do is get in touch with an app development company that specializes in the customization of these go-jek clones. they will take care to understand your requirement and customize the app according to you, so you are all set to launch your multi-services app in the shortest possible time.



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