How to Apply Indian Visa for Greek and Israeli Citizens

How to Apply Indian Visa for Greek and Israeli Citizens
How to Apply Indian Visa for Greek and Israeli Citizens

If you are a Greek or an Israeli citizen and want to visit India, there are some steps that you can follow to acquire the Indian visa. The process is simple and you can acquire an Indian visa in no time. You will need to fill up an online form that you can fill in a few minutes. Then, you need to pay the fee using an easy method.

Documents required for Indian e-Visa

A Greek or an Israeli citizen can obtain an Indian e-Visa online. This electronic travel authorization can be obtained in a matter of days. This is a convenient alternative to applying in person at an Indian embassy or consulate. However, a number of documents are still necessary for applying.

The first requirement is a valid passport. The applicant’s passport should have at least six months of validity and contain two blank pages for stamping. The applicant must travel on the passport on which the e-Visa was applied. The new passport will allow entry into India. The old passport will be required to return. Applicants must also have onward and return flight tickets and sufficient money to cover their expenditure while in India.

Duration of e-Visa

The duration of an Indian Visa for Greek Citizens or Indian Visa for Israeli Citizens depends on their purpose of visiting India. The Indian e-Visa can be valid for as little as one month for a single entry or as long as five years for multiple entries. The durations are different for different types of visas, so make sure to check carefully before you make your decision.

The Tourist Indian e-Visa allows for three different entries and validities, allowing for greater flexibility for the tourist. The Tourist Indian e-Visa is valid for 30 days, 180 days, and five years. The Multiple Entry Visa allows for 180-day stays for nationals of the United States and Japan, while most other nationalities have a 90-day limit for multiple entries.

Expiry date of e-Visa

For Greek and Israeli citizens, the Indian e-Visa has been available since 2014. These visas allow Greeks and Israelis to visit India on a short-term basis for up to 180 days. The duration of an e-Visa is based on its purpose. Greeks and Israelis can visit India for a variety of reasons, from tourism to business travel.

Applicants must apply for the e-Visa at least four days before the date they plan to travel to India. This is in contrast to the traditional Indian visa, which can be applied for several months before the date of travel. Also, the e-Visa is non-extendable, non-convertible, and is not valid for visits to Cantonment or Protected Areas.

Validity of e-Visa

If you are Greek or Israeli and are planning to visit India, then you can apply for an e-Visa for India. This electronic visa will give you the right to stay in India for up to 180 days. You can also extend your stay by visiting India multiple times within the validity period.

Before applying for a visa, it is advisable to collect your documents and other relevant documents. You will need proof of civil status (a marriage certificate, a birth certificate, a death certificate of a spouse, etc. ), proof of regular income (pension statement, or property statement from the last six months), and a copy of your passport.

Restrictions on e-Visa

The Indian government has recently introduced some changes to the e-Visa program, including an increase in the validity of the visa, and an increase in the number of sub-categories, from 60 days to one year. The validity period of the tourist e-visa has also been extended to one year, as has the duration of a business e-visa. Applicants are also required to supply biometric details at Immigration upon arrival in India. Additionally, the e-Visa is not convertible or extendable, and is not valid in Protected Areas and Cantonment Areas. Visitors to these areas must obtain prior permission from the Civil Authority before visiting.

The Israeli government has also imposed certain restrictions on the Israeli e-Visa program. It is unclear why Israeli citizens would need paper copies, but they are a better option. Even if the Indian e-Visa is a faster, easier and cheaper method, a paper copy of the visa will provide an additional layer of security. Besides, there is always the chance that a mobile phone may malfunction or run out of battery, causing the confirmation email to be illegible.

Requirements for e-Visa

To apply for an Indian e-Visa, you must have a valid passport with at least six months’ validity and two blank pages for stamping. If you are traveling on a business trip, you should have a copy of your business card, and if you are visiting India for medical treatment, you should provide a letter from a medical facility in your home country. You must also have sufficient cash to cover your expenses during your stay in India.

The electronic Indian Visa Online is valid for a period of 180 days. This type of visa permits the Israeli citizen to travel to India without the need for a stamp in their passport. It is valid at 28 airports and five seaports as well as land-based immigration checkpoints for road travelers. A valid e-Visa allows for travel to all states of India.


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