How to Make Home Schooling More Holistic and Interdisciplinary

home schooling

Only a small number of families choose home schooling over sending their kids to school because it is an old, less popular practice. But the number has increased considerably since the pandemic took over. Even though things have started getting back to normal a little, people are aware of the risks that going out can have. So, the parents who feel that it is not healthy for the children to sit and stare at screens for hours, have started home schooling them. There are also a lot of other reasons because of which parents would prefer it, like the ability to customize the curriculum, better relationships of the students with their teachers, better academic accomplishments because of personal and focussed grooming and care, a safer environment and more.

People who are new to this concept often worry about the whole procedure. Other than the legal requirements, they are concerned with how to go about it. There are a number of home schooling organisations, top online high school programs and experienced parents who would be ready to help and guide. Getting started with home schooling is not very easy, but once it gets started with proper guidance and the necessary steps, the only thing you need to be concerned about is making it better.

Here are a few steps that you can follow, apart from the main curriculum that you choose, that can make their experience more holistic and interdisciplinary, and better.

    Know that extracurricular activities are important

Education is not just about academia and theory. Extracurricular activities are equally important for building someone’s personality and help them enhance skills that will help them further in life. Schools provide opportunities for participation in such activities on a regular basis, and home schooling parents must too. These activities will help them grow as individuals, find out their passion and work on it.

    Do not limit their interests

Sticking to a schedule and curriculum is important to keep everything organised and focussed. But, at the same time, you need to make sure that you do not restrict the child’s interests. You need to make sure that they get to know about the various possibilities out there and have the freedom to choose what they want to do and learn more about. Let them and help them explore topics outside of the set syllabus. This will help them widen their knowledge, become more curious about the world, have fun while learning and become more creative.

    Look for interesting courses online

It is not possible for any number of people to know “everything.” The one place where you can find information about almost anything you want, is the internet. Whenever you notice that the child is showing interest in or becoming curious about something, try looking for educational courses, online schools high school based articles or videos online that will help them understand it better. Along with that, make sure that the courses are not just limited to theoretical knowledge or content. They should be able to teach the children things other than basic book knowledge, and give them real life examples and possibilities apart from the “convention.”

Even if not in depth, these steps can enhance the students’ home schooling experience. A more holistic and interdisciplinary approach towards home schooling will cover up most of the things that people feel it lacks. It is important to widen a child’s mind as much as possible to increase their creativity and get them ready for the world. The best way to achieve that goal is to make them explore a number of different topics and possibilities, and let them choose what they are genuinely interested in. Acadru can best help with your home schooling needs with all subject modules under a single umbrella.


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