How to Make the Most of the Best Wedding Venue in Sydney?


The current trend for wedding reception venues in Sydney is not similar to 3 decades back, where the reception in Australia was usually simple dining. It was like a function at the family’s property or celebrated as an event venue in the couple’s hometown. But time has altered this trend creating an Australian wedding event that aims to gather more people in a function that seems immune to the retail business for wedding venues reception marquees.

How to Find Best Wedding Venue in Sydney?

Selecting a location for your wedding is not an easy task. You have to look after many aspects such as; 

1.     A budget that couples can afford 

Planning ahead of time is always best. So, apart from makeover and wedding dress, budgeting out for the wedding location with your fiancé is pretty good. Enlist the number of guests you want to invite, or you can afford. You must also propose your expenses according to the reception venue layout and menu. 

2.     Theme and decoration 

This is the most exciting part. Once you plan your budget and check the capacity that how much you can spend, it will be easier for you to decide on a particular theme you want on your big day. From table setting to ceiling décor to dresses, everything can be associated with the theme and your budget. 

3.     A menu that could satisfy the hunger and taste-buds of everyone

Since many people from far and near come to your event to give you blessings and maximize an ecstatic element in your wedding, welcoming them with mouth-watering cuisine is your responsibility. To make them happy, you have to see that what kind of food is popular among your family, see the weather, and keep the menu accordingly.    

4.     Music that could give leisure

Playing soft as well as lyrical music is important to keep up the vibrant ambiance. Also, the option of music is best when the couple wants to dance after the wedding has occurred. 

In addition to these, the arrangement of the table is another significant consideration that portrays a specific impression of couples on the guests. 

Arrangement of Tables 

Broadly speaking, this is the main subject that needs concentration, money and care while planning to arrange your wedding decor decoration in Singapore in a hall or marquee. There are many themes that can be opted depending upon what layout the couple wants to see on its occasion, latest trend, and again on the budget (how much they can afford?).

·        The Traditional Theme 

Having a long rectangular table at the top of the reception space where the bridal party can sit is a conventional layout to arrange the tables at your wedding venue. In this theme, smaller and usually round tables for your guests are sequenced. The bridal party has to sit on one side of the rectangular table in order to be sighted by all the guests clearly. The circular guest tables are also placed opposite the bridal table. On these tables, usually, 6-10 people can sit.

 If couples want their guests to have conversations within small groups of six to ten people, this layout meets the requirement. It entitles the gust to move freely around the hall or venue, which can easily get up and move around without having to walk the length of the room. The traditional theme also offers more latitude for wedding garlands, with each table requiring its own showpiece. 

·        The Horseshoe Layout

This is an incredible type of theme. The horseshoe layout provides the greatest equivalence among the guests. As the name implies, tables are organised with a long rectangular table at the horseshoe’s top. The bridal party sits at a rectangular table. The guests, then sit on long tables placed at right angles to the bridal party’s table, hence, forming a horseshoe.

 If you intend to invite fewer guests to your reception, the horseshoe layout works best. However, to create a closed square, an additional table can always be placed across the horseshoe’s bottom. It will leave a small space for guests to pass in and out. With the top table being the vertical side and the guests’ tables being the three horizontal prongs, you can also produce an E shape/layout.

When some guests have their backs to the bride and groom, the horseshoe’s downside is created. In this, each guest may have fewer people sitting within conversational distance than with smaller round tables.

·        Banquet-Style Receptions 

This type of venue layout has always been popular because of the large, usually very long, tables and sharing platters. That way, a noisy, lively, and very vivacious surrounding is created.

Three large tables parallel to one another are placed to create a banquet-style setting. The bridal party sits towards the centre of the middle table, and all the guests gathered around the ends of the central table as well as the other two. This enables a direct and maximum interaction of guests with each other as well as the bridal party. 

The setting can be made so that the bride and groom face each other depending upon their wish.

However, table counterpoises could come in the way, so it is suggested to look for a decor that maximizes the ceiling decoration and keeps the table counterpoises smaller and simpler yet vibrant and sophisticated. 

So, locate the best wedding venue in Sydney offering a setting you wish to have. 



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