How to make your old furniture look brand new


If we lived in an ideal world, we would be proud owners of designer tables, iconic chairs, and sprawling sofas. Our homes would look like the set of a Hollywood movie with cool and edgy furniture spread all over the property with a touch of some tradition and class. The walls would be dripping with expensive colour and valuable pieces of art. However, we live in a realistic world, which is, unfortunately, an expensive one. 

In the real world, we end up with the rusty dresser from grandma’s attic, a set of the sofa from the living room of our parents, and the table that was once bought in a garage sale. Owning a house itself is a luxury in the current economy, so decorating it with brand new pieces of furniture is only possible for those earning 6 figures per month.  On the other side, the situation can not be that bad because with some clever hacks and a keen eye for valuable things, you can make your house look fresh and modern. 

Follow the tips below to make use of old furniture and make them seamlessly fit your house in a way that they might turn into a new favourite! 

Tip # 1 Refinish your old dresser 

When it comes to refinishing furniture, people opt for two possible ways. Whether they take it as a DIY project or they ask for professional help. While the DIY pathway is much more fun, it demands some practice and expertise. You can invest in a paint spray gun and make the job much more convenient and easy. It saves a lot of time and also hides the brush strokes, ensuring high-quality refinishing. For living room, custom made furniture just needs a few brush strokes to rejuvenate their shine. In 2020, refinishing vintage furniture is the way to go! 

Tip # 2 Reupholster your old sofa 

Upholstering can transform the entire look of your furniture. No matter how many years your sofa has spent in the attic, an expert upholsterer can turn it into a brand new one with quality skills. You can make reupholstery less expensive by buying second-hand fabrics per yard for a few dollars.  The key to finding an expert upholsterer for your furniture makeover is by trial and error. When you are in the hunt for one, make sure that you are very specific with every detail of the process. Only this way, you can get your hands on a professional upholsterer who can breathe life into your old furniture. 

Tip # 3 Make use of chic textiles 

Sometimes, reupholstery is not a wise decision because the shapes and lines of the furniture are not in such a good shape. In that case, you can make use of chic textiles draped over them to make them come alive again. You can use any type of textile to cover up a problematic piece. A colourful fabric, a trendy tapestry, or any cloth that you think suits the furniture. A sofa that has a faded colour can be turned into a brand new piece of furniture by covering it up with velvet or leather fabric. 

Tip # 4 Update your colour palette 

Rugged and vintage furniture mostly come in faded colours. Instead of painting the furniture piece entirely, you can use your creative and aesthetic sense to pair it up with a single colour that will modify the feel of the piece entirely. If you have a spare bucket of paint in your garage, you can use it to create some unique patterns. You can transform the look of rustic shoe racks with this technique. 

With these tips, you will not have to spend a penny on new furniture to make your house look new!


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